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Two Shoes Tuesday #2 / Danger! -- MidWeek Blues


Josie said:

"Get ready for a new round of Two Shoes Tuesday... a place to share what we enjoy doing most... writing!"
"Each week I'll provide a one-word writing prompt and ask you to share a short story, poem, essay, thought, or photo relating to that topic." 

The writing prompt for Tuesday, Sept. 11th is "danger"!http://www.josie2shoes.com/2012/09/two-shoes-tuesday-2.html  
My Two Shoes entry now:
What you are seeing in the picture above is the scene below me that I took while up in an antique Ferris Wheel.  Our friend Alton, a fellow club member of our Montgomery Country Early Ford V-8 Club, owns this wheel and has it permanently (well, I guess he could move it if he wanted to) in place on his farm down by his 'early village' place. 

Mrs. Jim and I were to get off shortly like this couple to the right is about to do when it was our turn.   But it was at least a half hour before our turn came up. 

We were stuck near the top when the Alis Chalmers engine belt pulley failed to go around on its own power anymore to pull the big wheel around.

Alton's hired hand and fellow old car mechanic had to do some fixing in the mechanism used to engage the pulley into 'drive.'

I am thinking that there was no real danger here but it was a little scary because the old Ferris wheel would sway back and forth with the breeze.

The pictures on the left above is a full view of Alton's old Ferris wheel.  He found this old wheel in Oklahoma and trailered it down to his Texas ranch. Then he proceeded to restore/rebuild it modern specifications.  The Alis Chalmers engine also needed restoring but that was an easy and fun task for Alton. 

The Ferris wheel is early 1900's while the engine is one from the 30's or 40's.  I seem to have the number 1928 in my mind but I cannot associate it with either the engine or the wheel. (more about the wheel and our Christmas picnic party)

I took the pictures while attending Alton's annual Christmas party in 2010.  We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at his early village in his restored saloon.  

Also we viewed his antique cars, mostly Fords from 1932 to 1953 which were in various stages of restoration.  After the dinner, a noon affair, we all took turns riding the Ferris wheel.  There were no more rides that day after we all disembarked.

The picture on the upper right was taken of a modern Ferris wheel when we attended the County Fair in Brennan, Texas.  We were sitting in the rodeo area watching the rodeo when I noticed this wonderful view of this wheel.  We enjoyed the rodeo very much.

One of our objectives in going there was to give our French visitor, Corine, a chance to see in real time, live, a bull riding episode.  Corine was not disappointed.  I blogged about that back in 2010.
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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did. Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE or BLUE THOUGHT, you don't have to write.

I decided that while I'm flying the flag outside for today [9/11 Remembrance] I should also fly it here for readers.

This is our flag flying in front of our house, taken on another patriotic day. It looks this same way today.

May God continue to bless our nation, the United States of America!

I hope and pray that He will bless you all. We thank Him for our safety and well being and pray for the survivors and the families of the deceased from this horrible attack.

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How fun to own a Ferris Wheel. I'd like that a lot.

Have a terrific day. :)

Do you and your wife still do Ferris Wheels - I love them.
Hi Dr Jim :) Most probably, I'll try to catch a glimpse of Prince William and his wife in Singapore. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity :)

They'll be in Singapore for about 3 days. Then they'll visit Malaysia, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration.

My daughter loves to take ferris wheels and roller coaster rides very much. The courageous and daring adventures of the youths :)
Danger! Ferris wheels scare me badly! I am not afraid of heights; I'm afraid of falling!
A wonderfully scary story that explains exactly my fear of ferris wheels. They are beautiful to look at, but I will not ride. My mother made me go with her on one once, I got sick and she didn't try that again! ;-) Like Annie, the fear of heights and falling are too much for me to enjoy the view. I am always afraid of this very thing you write about happening... getting stuck way up there! I'm sure everyone enjoyed the fun of getting to go for a ride though! Thank you for joining us for Two Shoes Tuesday!
that seems pretty darn dangerous to me!
Hi Jim - No I don't use Quick Books as I've used Microsoft Money for years and years. I'm not going to be treasurer much longer and I just didn't need the learning curve. It's been easy to do everything that's needed with the program I have so since everyone is happy with my work, it's all good.

Have a terrific day. :)
We flew our flag at half mast today,,,amen to your blessing at the end of your pots.
It never even occurred to me that you old own your wn ferris wheel! How cool!!!
Farris wheels scare me badly but it would be cool to have a neighbor have one close by all lit up. Great post
I remember begging my 1st husband not to rock the seat on the ferris wheel....of course, he did it anyway, and that's why he's an ex....
Hi Jim, this is all great stuff. Been sick again but back on the blog. Yes you did read lonely buried deep in my Haiku. But then that's life.

I LOVE ferris wheel photos, especially at night.
Hello Jim ~~ I don't like heights or ferris wheels, but guess it would be fun to have one.
It sounds like you enjoyed your trip to Canada to Quebec City, where ducks Quack.
Glad you enjoyed the Letter from Camp, it sure was funny. Glad you liked the 8 thoughts and God and His Garden. I loved that one.
I am intrigued about your neighbor whose yard is natural and no mowing required. Can you possible get a photo of it Jim? That would be terrific.
Take great care my friend, Cheers, Merle.

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