Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Early Ford V8 Club Christmas picnic — MidWeek Blues — National Motorcycle Museum

The National Motorcycle Museum is raffling off this fine new custom Knucklehead Bobber as a fund raiser. I visited the museum this summer when I was in Iowa (my blog about that visit). Now I am on their mailing list. If you are interested in the museum and/or its activities you can click here.

What is going on here?

Our friend, Alton, who is also in the Montgomery Early Ford V8 Club, has added this 1920's Ferris wheel to his collection. Most of his other collector items are Ford cars and trucks.

Here Alton is getting locked in for his ride. Mrs. Jim and I had already finished our ride and were off by the time Alton was ready.

The wheel is powered by an ancient Allis Chalmers gasoline belt drive power plant. I don't know if the engine came with his Ferris wheel or not. He found his new toy in Oklahoma and trailered it back here to Texas.

It took him a while before he could let his guests go for rides. First he had to replace many of the bolts and wooden items to make it safe. Then he meticulously painted it back to original condition, detailing it as closely as he could. Lastly he had many hurdles to jump in getting it insured for liability to guests.

We had 25 to 30 old Fords and Mercurys, models from 1932 to 1953, present. I think there must have been over persons 100 present. Alton furnished and cooked Texas barbecued beef and sausage links and trimmings. The rest of us brought desert or side dishes.

Pictured at right is an old Texas ranch house which Alton and his crew have restored. To its right is the 'saloon' where most of us ate on picnic tables. After eating we held our December club meeting. There was an election of officers and payment of 2011 dues. Also another of our members had died and we were all updated on goings on such as funeral, plans of his widow, etc.

Most of the meeting was taken in planning the Texas Tour which the club will offer as a state meeting of all the other Early Ford V8 Club chapters in Texas. We plan to host this in 2013. Next Spring we will gain some experience and insight by helping the Houston Chapter in hosting the 2011 tour.

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Super looking motorcycle!
However, more exciting is the ferris wheel. I want to be Alton's friend. :)
I loved the ferris wheel each year at the local carnival when I was growing up. Except for the time the guy never let my brother and I off and our Dad had to get the guy to get us down.
Wow...a ferris wheel? That is quite the collection!

LOVE the motorcycle.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Jim!
Jim, are you entered to win that motorcycle? It's gorgeous!! My fingers are crossed for you! And thanks for stopping by my space -- your comments are so uplifting and I will be sure to link my progress back to Midweek Blues so we can keep in touch! Have an amazing week!!
Jim, I recall most of the ferris wheels at our local fair were all powered by Allis. I wonder if they specialized in that or it might be because of the hand clutch that they all had. Ours had one. Also a regular foot clutch.
The ferris wheel looks neat but man that must have been a lot of work.
Great motorcycle!

Good food, good fun, good friends -- sounds like a good time!
How fun. I want to ride on the Ferris wheel. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
that is a pretty bike! that would be fun to cruise around in for sure!! thanks for your visit.
That is a handsome looking bike! But the ferris wheel is more my speed. :)
Great stuff, there. Thanks for some midweek sunshine!

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