Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Back!! Early!!



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I'm just sitting here like a dummy, as Mema [link] used to say. And my computer typing is hunt and peck without all my fingers being able to function.

- - - - - - - -

So we were in Ireland, just finishing up there, out last visit was this, at the Powerscourt Estate Gardens.

Next was to be Sunday at the Isle of Man--my Grandpa Corkill's family was from there--for four days.

Then back to Ireland on the 23rd to Ireland and flying on to Scotland till June 3rd for touring, then five nights at the Westin Turnberry for resting and golfing three days.

Our car was in Newark as we flew from there after going to Danny's--Mrs. Jim's little brother--graduation from the Morehead Kentucky State University. He is in his fifties and decided to finish getting his B.S. degree.

- - - - -

I went to a hand orthopedics doctor here yesterday, Thursday, as we got back here Wednesday evening. I made an appointment with him on the road Tuesday.

My knee orthopedic doctor will see me Wednesday if the swelling doesn't go down and the knee get a lot better by then. The hand dr is orthopedic also and has me keeping it elevated, wrapped, and iced till Wednesday.

We were able to change--no price change and the $100 change fee waived too--our flight to leave from Dublin as we were to have left from Glasgow, Scotland, where we had come in. Continental was really nice for us then!

- - - - -

We are getting Adi back this afternoon from Karen. I rode over there with Mrs. Jim driving. She won't let me drive now, I did my last on Tuesday.

Dr. K. doesn't think I should drive either. The mornings here are beautiful for Mustang convertible driving so I had better get over all this soon.

- - - - -

This is the young lady who helped me at Powerscourt Garden Estates. She was sitting at the top of the steps having a smoke.

She and another man saw me tumble, they both came running to help me back up. They offered help me to the first aid place but I had to find Mrs. Jim first.

- - - - - -

First, though, we--Mrs. Jim and I--are in agreement that it was a leprechaun that shoved me down those steps because I am still too young to be 'falling.' I did miss the step and tumble down most of the eight or so.

The fellow tried to find Mrs. Jim in the gardens but came back without her. I found her and we hobbled me back to the ticket booth. First aid to stop the bleeding and then they took me into town to the ER.

Now, here is what I sent relatives when we got back to the states:

Hi -- This will be fairly short because I am typing with hunt and peck with my right hand from a 'Sleep Inn' near Chambersburg, PA.

My left hand has the two middle fingers splinted together. I knocked my big finger out of joint in Ireland. The ER doc got it back in after a lot of pulling and pushing and eight x-rays between pulls and pushes and before and again when it popped back in.

But there is a chipped bone that needs attention so I will see my orthopedic doc when we make it back home.

My right knee is messed up and hurts bad. 800 mg ibiprofins help it some, but the doc will look at that too. Nothing is broken in the knee but other items must be messed up.

Then except for bruises on my chin and some other scratches and cuts things are ok.

We got back to Newark this afternoon and drove to here. I drove to there so [Mrs. Jim] could navigate--I don't navigate very well.

I'm thinking we will be home by Friday, I hope my doc can see me then. I will call his office tomorrow. The ER doc said I shouldn't put seeing an orthopedic doc until June, and not to drive or even chip or putt.

So we left this morning from Dublin. We didn't get to the Isle of Man or Turnberry at all. Just landed in Glasgow a week ago and caught another plane right to Dublin.

The Turnberry lady was real nice and extended out time through the end of the year so we will go back shortly when I get patched up correctly.

All for now, we will leave pretty early in the morning, but check will e-mail on the way out. We may not find another computer 'til we get home.

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