Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Morning Walk, Just Adi and Jim

It was hard to wait.
Mrs. Jim is on the way to play golf.
I'm riding shotgun,
see how my ears blow in the wind.
[click on a picture to enlarge it]


We're off now,

sniffing for my old buds here.


I always love a roll in the grass.

I'd rather make a sand angel though.
[Adi link] [post link]



All that walking gets me hot.

A shady spot in Lucy's garden helps.
[link to lucy pic] [link to post]

[link to Adi under this tree before]



I look to the left, all is clear.



Then to the right,

not a rabbit in sight!


Jim, can't you see I'm thirsty?

There's water for both of us here.


I'm waiting for the drink command.


I like this water real cold,

it was well worth waiting for.


I sure can't see why we stopped here,

I'm getting warm again.


It's good to be home again.

You remember I have my own fire hydrant?

They painted it since Jim posted it last.

[pic link] [post link]


I'm too hot to sleep in my bed.

I'll stay here where I can watch Jim,

he just might get himself a snack.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Smart Kitten Here!

MY Hilarious Cat Obsessed With Flushing Toilets

This blog has been corrected, updated, and moved to (click) here.

Jack, Celebrity Dog Of The Year on the Regis and Kelly show this morning

Mariah Carey and her dog leave Hotel Gansevoort - The Superficial - (link to theSuperficial for more Mariah and Jack pictures)

Now Jack has won the Celebrity Dog Of the Year award on the 'Live with Regis and Kelly show (link) this morning.

I think it is Jack's owner, Mariah, who is getting the votes for him.
What do you think?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Eifel Tower At Night -- My YouTube

Karen and Billy took this while they were in France.

[Press the button in the center to play]
[or the left arrow
[Its short, but click on the left arrow
to play it over and over]
The Eifel Tower is lit at night. Then at specified times it puts on a spectacular light show. It lasts for several minutes. This clip is short, but click on the arrow on the bottom left to play it over and over.
Link to it at
or click on my YouTube link on my blog's right column.
Thank you, Karen and Billy.

Another nice video -- found it accidently by search

Obsessive Toilet Flushing Cat
[In case you want to link to it]
[Or save it in Favorites]

THE 9 on Yahoo TV -- try it

THE 9 for Thursday August 17th -- click this text

Learn all about Kate Hudson's break-up for . . .
[but I couldn't find it]

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Car of the future -- Video

This is really neat.
It's five minutes long but I think you will like it.
Click arrow in center to get it started --
Cousin from Omaha sent this goodie

Mom's Cat House, Dad's Pig House, & Mom's Hen House

My mom always had a lot of half-way stray cats. A few would let us pet them or come to the milking barn for a fresh teat treat.

She had this special cat house at the edge of the grove. The cats would get fed out there and at our back door.

None ever got shots or the like. They seemed to be pretty tough though, most lived to run off or get killed by a wild animal or the neighboring Toms.

[click on pictures for full size]


At one time this pig shed of Dad's was in the corral. Now the corral is cultivated to become an excellent corn field.

The small door on the left got mainly used by the pigs, but Dad and I went in many a time to help a pig out of some trouble, or to mark their ears so we could tell them from the neighbors if they got mingled.

Dad usually raised about 120 hogs from pigs. He would pick ten to fourteen to become mother pigs and another cycle would begin.

Those others went to the slaughter house. We generally butchered a couple for family eating. Remember, the Jim Bunch eats good.


Mom raised the laying hens and handled the egg marketing. Again we raised from babies, chicks this time. She always got unsexed chicks. Most of the roosters would get sold for fryers, we would eat about sixty. That is one for each Sunday and a few more for company or the threshing crew.

She would wash every egg with vinegar. Like me, she was a night owl and would start this task around midnight. A lot of times Lois and Dad would have had several hours of sleep before Mom and I went to bed.


1. On our farm, the cattle, cows, hogs, and chickens ate the grain and hay grown on the farm. The oat straw was used for bedding. Most times there would be more profit, not counting family labor, from raising and marketing the animals, eggs, and cream.

2. All of the farm buildings were kept in good paint. The cat house and hen house were red, the hog house was black. There is still some of that paint showing after twenty-five years of non-use.

3. Unsexed chickens meant buying a mixture of male and female chicks. The mixture generally was around fifty-fifty. It figures.

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Check it out

Check the Blog Posts list at this Google Finance site:
I'm glad I said how nice those stores are, they just aren't ma and pa feed stores. They are fun to shop in!

Dell Computer Recall

Dave Letterman reminded me tonight to warn the kids who have a Dell notebook computer. Basically here is what he said.

There was more funny stuff than the part to 'wait four to six weeks for your new battery to come' and 'Dell has your safety in mind,' but it didn't soak in.

So, here is what I e-mailed the kids:

"Date: Tue 15 Aug 22:53:52 CDT 2006
From: Dad
Subject: Dell Battery Recall
To: Kid(s) with Dell notebook computers

Dave Letterman said how simple it is.
Go to, click on 'Dell Support.'

Then at the top, right hand is 'Battery Recall' for you to
click on. You will get this page:

Follow the instructions, then wait four to six weeks for
your new battery. "Dell has your safety in mind."

Love, Dad"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Texas Feed Stores

Do you have feed stores in your community? In your state? This is the Stubs feedstore in Trinity, Texas. Trinity (link), population 2721, has two feed stores.
The Polo Center [] has indexed all the feed stores in Texas (link

Find a Tractor Supply (link) near you. I shop there and get their newsletter.
Feed stores are a proud Texas tradition. Before WalMart they were THE place to be on a Saturday. They still are to some extent. See the fellow in the doorway, three guys were there on the sidewalk talking with him just before I snapped this.

If you need a special bug killer, the feed store will have it. Your dog is on a diet? The feed store has the special low fat blend or will order it. Need a sprayer for the roses, you know where. Same for corn for the deer feeders, bird seed, a blade for the hedge clippers, a new bridle for the horse, a fan belt for the tractor, and on and on.
The Polo Center [] has indexed all the feed stores in Texas (
link). Mrs. Jim worked for the schools at Santa Fe, Texas, and there was another four miles away at Alta Loma, Texas. Pasadena, Texas, location of my college [San Jacinto College] has two.
Friendswood, Texas (link), population now 29,037, our former home town has one, Whitley's. Brother Ray and I visited him regularly to coax him to come to church. Brother Ray had known Mr. Whitley for over thirty years. He died but the family has kept the business going.


This is our feed store, the closest in Willis, Texas (link). Named a long time ago, it is the Montgomery County Milling Company. They don't do much milling anymore. Willis has a lot of new subdivisions and its population is over 3,000 now.

Montgomery, Texas, our post office address town has three for its total population of 489. There are a lot of subdivisions outside town [ours has about 1500 people] and farms to help support those three.

I'll close with this picture of the Wise Hardware store in Willis. There is also a True Value but just a lot of us prefer to buy nails by weight in a paper sack rather than getting shrink wrapped or boxed ones. We can get just what we need and a couple of extra in case we bend one.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Now I do know that the Midwest has Tractor Supply (link) and similar stores. These are generally a chain and look like Kroger or Safeway inside. Real sterile, but nice to shop in!

But do you have honest to goodness independent mom and pop feed stores? If so, please tell us about them.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

I've been tagged!

by Britmum.

Well I got tagged. Not my cup of tea but I'll do it this ONE time. They say it can be a lot of fun. So, here goes...

I'm thinking about:

How I already wished I was doing my cathouse post tonight instead.

I said:

D**n!! i hate that tag s**t. you know i wont do it!! lol i loved your answers!! This is a good one, why didn't I get one like this? You had good, interesting answers too. (that's what I told Britmum, 1 plus twins said that too, first!)

I want to:

Warn everybody never to tag me again!

I wish:

Mrs. Jim was some help here. She has her priorities mixed up and would rather watch Mystery on PBS, play bridge and golf, and cook than blog. I don't think she even knows what a tag is. I did explain Technorati tags to her.

I hear:

Britmum is kinda sorry she caused me all this grief. I don't think I could mess up a perfectly innocent computer screen this bad if that was what I was trying to do.

I wonder:

What I would be doing if it wasn't this stupid post. Probably reading the funny papers in today's Sunday Houston Chronicle. They have eight pages you know.

I regret:

I only had one life to give for my country--they didn't need it at the time, so I'm d**d to be forever blogging and being tagged instead.

I am:

Watching a Frasier rerun while I'm waiting for the Seinfeld rerun and doing this tag s**t.

I dance:

On other people's toes, I'd just as soon be doing a serious meme, maybe I will if anyone reads this one.

I sing:

Really, I don't sing. I've been kicked out of a church choir, laughed at by my own daughter, and smiled at by Mrs. Jim. A voice instructor told me today that he could teach me to sing--you've always heard you can't teach an old dog new tricks--even if I do have a bad ear. What's an ear got to do with singing? It's thelarynxx you know. My computer sings too, I type better than 50 WPM! [corrected] That way I can turn out tag posts in record speed.

I cry:

When I watch Elvis Presley's funeral on the He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley on PBS, they have him singing for his own funeral [a recording] on the program. (link to description) Please don't you cry when you read this, I'm getting a buzz on it now, I'm even trying harder to please, can you tell?

I'm not always:

Nasty, it's just a role I play when I'm p**'*d about being tagged.

I make with my hands:

Some really good sandwiches. Faves are Swiss, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and pickle with mustard on rye bread, and secondly, a chopped hot dog and egomeletet on a Southern biscuit with cheese. Mustard on the side is optional for the hot dog and egg bit. Mrs. Jim's Southern homemade biscuits are best. While I'm eating I get ideas for tag posting.

I write:

Best when I can choose my own topic. Britmum really s**ed up my rhythm when she tagged me.

I confuse:

Tag writing with bag writing. Bag writing is best done when the bags are fresh. I prefer paper over plastic and credit over cash.

I need:

A couple of sows and bucks. That was the punch line, I don't tell the joke very well, so will just skip it and keep on doing tags instead.

I am thankful for:

Apple pie, country, God, and hot dogs. Runzas deserve a kudo too. You though I was going to say tagging didn't you.

That reminds me of the old joke:

Able had banana in his ear when he met his friend, Bain.

Bain said, "Able you have banana in your ear."

Able said to him, "What?"

Bain said again, "Able you have banana in your ear."

Then Able replied, "Bain, I'm not hearing you, wait a minute till I get this banana out of my ear."

That really wasn't the one it reminded me of, it was this one, a knock knock:

Knock, knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who?

Knock, knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who?

Knock, knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who?

Knock, knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn't say banana again?

And finally:

I'm sorry for you that I had to bore you with this tag post. That is, if you made it this far down the screen. It has even driven me to drink (two beers) and say write a few cuss words!

And now I tag: [If you don't want to do a tag, just don't. But it won't kill you and might be a little bit of fun. Simple and not too much to think about.]

So, now I tag:

Rachel, Sliding Through Life

Cliff, Cliff Morrow's Blog

Cheyenne, Muse & Amuse

Warren, WazzasPlace

Seeker, First Hundred

That's five. What I'm supposed to do. There isn't any order, you were picked from by Blog Read list. The rest may have their day.

If you can get someone to trade with you, that's fine with me. I hope it doesn't break the chain or we all might have one hundred years of bad luck!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's June Bug! No, It's July Bug!!

A dead bug is a good bug, but

A live KatyDid is a pleasant bug!


What the chewing locust left,

the swarming locust has eaten;

What the swarming locust left,

the crawling locust has eaten;

And what the crawling locust left,

the consuming locust has eaten.


Joel 1:4, New King James Bible (link)

[click on pictures to enlarge]
Orchelimum vulgare, a meadow katydid (Conocephalinae), Picture (link) courtessy of North American Katydids (link) . . . . . . . . . Note: North American KatyDid link,


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