Friday, May 20, 2016

Non-Summer Birthday school party ~~ Friday’s Hunt v1.21-- "U" is for ...

For the week of May 21st:  (1) Starts with U; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) In the morning

(1) Starts with "U": Uncanny -- I had an Uncanny feeling that this was to be a bang out school party. KP's birthday is during the summer when school is not in session.  Therefore these kids don't have opportunity to have a birthday at school to let all the other kids help celebrate.

KP's school has a fix.  The children celebrate with their classmates during what is called a "non-summer birthday."  A day is set for this celebration for each student and the kids have a party.  KP's was on her way to hers.

In the white sack is a bag of donuts, one for each student plus the teacher, plus a few extras.  Her sack contains 23 donuts, they bought two dozen and KP is having one with her chocolate milk on the way to school.  BTW, the school the building you can see through the car's back window.

I found out last night that KP didn ' eat a donut on the way to school.  Instead she had a dozen donut holes.  She ate eleven and Mom had one.

 - [Google Definition for Uncanny, it came with my 'Google Search']
"un·can·ny -- ənkanē -- adjective
 - adjective: uncanny; comparative adjective: uncannier; superlative adjective: uncanniest


(2) Week's Favorite:  The Ginger Plants are in bloom.  They always come late in Spring, after most other plants have finished flowering.  These pretty pink blossoms will only last for a week or two.  Then very large leafed green talks will come up from scratch.

. . . . . [click on picture for larger view] [again for larger still]
(3) In the morning:  The vultures, ten of them, came to eat the poor little deer that got run over by a car in the middle of the night.  You can see it laying in the foreground.  Their mother called a meeting before breakfast to divide up the parts of meat among her brood.
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