Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Police Chaplin ~~ Friday’s Hunt v1.22-- "V" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of May 27th: (1) Starts with V; (2)  Week's Favorite; and (3)  Sunshine

(1)  Starts with V:  "V" is for Volunteer.  Our Sunday school teacher, Dr. Charles Wisdom is a Volunteer with the Fulshear, Texas, Police Department.  He serves as the Police Chaplin.  Some tease him of having special driving and legal privileges.

As a teasing joke, a few of our members doctored up a picture of Dr. Wisdom's car by putting a big sign on it, reading "Fulshear Police."  After a bit of fun during pre-class time it was admitted that his car actually didn't have this sign.  Rather it was doctored up by clever usage of a photo editing program.

As you can see in the picture, Charles really enjoyed the photo which was presented to him. 

(2Week's FavoriteAn Aggie experiment.    Students, graduates, and staff at the Texas A&M College have a reputation of not having everything just exactly right.  These students and graduates are called "Aggies".  Aggies are the butt of many unkind jokes hinting of a less than 'normal' intelligence concerning everyday situations.

There is an Aggie joke saying that some Aggie graduates were having trouble concerning the growing of chickens.  Since none of the chickens planted seemed to be growing, one brilliant graduate decided to call his college professor.

When told of the problem, the professor asked how they were planting these chickens.  "Feet first" was the graduate's response, whereby the prof quickly and wisely responded, "Why don't you try planting them 'heads down'?"

As I snapped this picture I was reminded of the Aggie joke above.  It may be an Aggie clandestine operation of growing children.  Clearly these kids are planted 'head first.'

[click once or twice on any picture for a larger size]

This little rabbit is grazing in the sunshine.  We have a very good rabbit crop this summer.  They come and go in and out of our yard, back and front. 

Since dogs here are required to be on leash and rabbits are a protected species in Katy most live a long life.

This one seems to be off to a good start.
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The Fine Print:
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- The Mr. Linky address here has a list of others who are participating if you would to read what these folk are doing for the Friday post.

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