Friday, July 27, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 04-18(b) (for letter "D")

The 30th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "D"; (2) A Favorite; and (3) Double
(1)  Starts with "D":  "Dirt Paths" to follow with a four-wheel.  Aka "Driving through the Marshes in the Falkland Islands."
More Photos:
Our driver -- She was the only one
of our convoy who did not get bogged (stuck)
- - - - -  

(2)  A Favorite:   Drawing by a third grade VBS guest.  Mrs. Jim and I have been helping our church, 2nd Baptist of Houston, 1463 Campus, with their Vacation Bible School.  The assignment was to draw what a child in a disadvantaged Houston neighborhood school would see from her window while dreaming that a truck or boat out there would stop with some school supplies for their school. 

I can't imagine what all came into mind with this assignment but things here seemed abstract to me though only the young artist and possibly the school child in mind could know.  A school that our church has adopted will be the recipient of the offerings money donated during the Bible School.  The boys and the girls are having a contest to see which group would raise the most money.  So far the boys are ahead but it is predicted for the girls to win.
[Google Images, these are from Pinterest.  You can see better here.]
(3)   Double:  I was thinking of "DoubleMint chewing gum."  I did find these old adds by googling "Doublemint chewing gum advertisement."  Doublemint was my favorite but now I don't chew gum as I am afraid of losing a tooth or a filling.

- - - - - -                            The end, that's all for tonight.
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