Friday, November 30, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 22 -18(b) (for letter "V")

The 48th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year..
The week's prompts: (1) Starts with "V"; (2) A Favorite; (3) Vast 

(1) Starts with "V"Vacation starts with "V".  When I was teaching I would say that the best part of teaching was Vacation.  First Summer Vacation, then Christmas Break, Spring Break, followed by the U.S. Postal Holidays.

The picture above is of Mrs. Jim and another lady finishing up our room for Third Grade Vacation Bible School, aka "VBS".  We had five ladies, two teenage boys, a teen girl, and me for as leaders for four mornings.  Our class had 21 kids, some classes had more or less.  They were lettered from "A" to "J", if they averaged 21 per class that would be 210 third graders enrolled.

The Yellow Things on the wall are paper plates representing windows on our Pirate Ship (the theme of the VBS this year).  Every plate had a child or teacher's picture, as if looking out the boat.  My picture is at right [click any for larger size].

Our church is the 1463 Campus of the Second Baptist Church of Houston, Texas.  We have six campuses plus a TV Campus.

(2) A Favorite:
I call this Very Pretty picture "Sunrise on the Prairie."  It is a drawing by one of our third grade girls.  Picasso, eat your heart out.  You can give it a name, please.  After naming it you can highlight the area between my apostrophes to see my thoughts.  It is not yet a final decision.

I may frame a larger size picture for my study.  It would be a nice remembrance of VBS, perhaps also Mrs. Jim's and my yellow paper plates with our pictures still glued in.

(3) Vast:   This View taken tonight from the bow of the Sun Princess shows the Vastness of the Tasman Sea

We sailed this sea in January, 2014, going to Sydney, Australia, via Wellborn after visiting Tasmania.  Our cruise started in Auckland, New Zealand, and visited on the Eastern Shore, then headed to Tasmania.  [ The first picture should be of Mrs. Jim feeding a Kangaroo. ]

You can see the view by the bridge camera of each Princess ship by clicking here,
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