Friday, January 18, 2019

Weekend Roundup ~~ 02,03-19 (for letters "B" and "C")

(...of Letters "B" and "C". I missed B" alone last week
so I'm trying to double up with "C this week.)

The two Weekend Roundups...
1. Starts with "B."; 2. A Favorite; and 3. Blue. also
4. Starts with "C."; 5. A Favorite; and 6. Candy.
and Perhaps
7. Reflection(s).
1. Starts with "B.": "Bus" and "Boat" both start with "B".  We traveled on this little bus for about five hours on a nice tour of Saint Martin (Island) last week (so I'm doing the letter "B" here now, a week late).  There were about 20 persons on our Bus

I am not sure that the Boat has been operational since the hurricanes.  A lot of the damage on the island has not yet been repaired.

2. A Favorite: A Texas sized Hibiscus?  At any rate I found it in the esplanade taking us to our house after leaving Interstate 10.

3. Blue and 4. Starts with "C.":  Dark Blue Water and Light Blue Sky here. And "Caribbean" starts with "C".  Also a nice Rosy Reflection of the Bright Sun.

We were out last week, down in the Caribbean Sea getting warm after our cold spell.  At St. Martin (link) it was running 82-83 in the hottest part of the day and 67-68 at night nearing morning.  So I am trying to play catch-up with a two-in-one post.

5. A Favorite:  Mussels (Moules), Clams, and Whitefish, on the ship's menu as Seafood Stew, are my Favorites (link).  I also like Fried Catfish and Fried Oysters too.  Fried Shrimp are a runner up; I generally keep a sack of cooked shrimp, peeled and deveined, frozen, in my freezer.


6. Candy: Candy Corn is one of my Favorites.  Though I spent an extra Dollar and a half for a name brand this bag had almost as many partial, broken, pieces as it did whole ones.
Wednesday, October 30, 2018, was National Candy Corn Day (link).  October 30 is also My Birthday.

7. Reflection(s): (Besides the Sunset above shining in the water below it)

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