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The Letter "J" ~~ Rev 04 - Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The 36th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year... (THE TENTH LETTER FOR THIS SERIES)
- the Letter "J" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "J";  (B) A Favorite;
(C) "J" for "Junk". (Tom's choice);  and (D) Reflections. 

(A) Starts with the Letter "J":  Jackfruit starts with "J", per a Quara . Com search, Photo from  Read more of the Jackfruit in Wikipedia, here.  I think I do not need to try Jackfruit , for sure not a Jackfruit Pie.

(B) A Favorite:   Jars and Jars of Jelly and Jam.  I'm not sure where I took this, very likely at my cousins home in Arkansas.  I did also see a few Jars of fruit or/and vegetables. My favorite Jam is Fig Preserves, home madeLemon Curd isn't Jam, is it?   I like that just about as well.

(C) "J" for "Junk". (Tom's choice):  This is out youngest granddaughter,  KP.  She has grown a lot, this picture WAS taken TWO YEARS AGO at my cousin's home in Arkansas.   We were visiting cousins  and soon we be on our way to Nebraska to visit even more cousins. 

I am sure that my cousin would not want to call her husband's gas pump Junk. And it isn't but I think there may have been Collector's Junk. Under that porch is an ideal place to store Outdoor Junk.

(D) Reflections:   This was taken looking in the window at the Plank Restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.   It was a fine place to eat casually.  You can get a feel for the lay of the land across the street.   We spent an afternoon at this nice tourist friendly area of the old down town. 

(E) A Lagniappe for you (Just for those who like Sunsets):  This is a unique Sunset we found while driving through Missouri on our way to Nebraska.  

I have more Midwest photos to show some other times.   

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My Two

 Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. My Reflection pictures - When you look into the windows at places new to you, what do like to see?  I like to see things that I would or would not go into the store to have a look-see. 

2. Do you have some Collector Junk that you would like to tell about? I have junk of all kinds.  Mrs. Jim likes to talk about it with me, like "why don't you get rid of this as you never seem to use it."

Bonus Questions:
1. What is your favorite "J" word?

2. Do you or your other ever make homemade Jam?  What kind do you like to make the best?  No, I don't make Jam myself but once in a while Mrs. does make it.  We have a friend who used to give us Figs for the picking up. 

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