Friday, December 27, 2019

The Letter "Z" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The last, the 52nd issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
- the Letter "Z" Prompts are:
(A) Contains the Letter "Z"; 
(B) A Favorite: 
(C) My choice); and (D) Reflections.  
 _ _ _ _ 
[Picture from Wikipedia]

(A) Containss the Letter "Z":   Zucchini starts with "Z".  No other fruit does.

(B) A Favorite: My Christmas Eve dinner.   Clockwise from top left, a small dab of Tarter Sauce,  a small piece of Talipia (fish), two large broiled Shrimp,  one Lobster Tail meat, three small Sushi slices, and inside, a small serving of Spaghetti. 

(C) My choice):   Three Baby Rabbits. 

(D) Reflections:  Note the red Reflections of the sum shining in the water as seen through the left window but not the right 
_ _ _ _ 

My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you'd like):

1. What what was your pre-Christmas eating like?    Regular three meal with a snack in the afternoon.  My evening meal was as I showed above, special on Seafood here at Sabatical confines

2. How do you feel about young bunny rabbits?   We like young bunny rabbits, they and alligators are protected where we live.  I feel sorry for the caged ones. 

Bonus Questions:

1. What is your favorite "Zword?  "Zombie", I like especially the Zombie trees

2.  What has an slightly unpleasant experience been with your photographs?    My camera messes up on moon pictures.  Seems it thinks needs to actually eliminate treating them all as Red Eye subjects. 

The fine print:
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