Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Letter "i" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The eighth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...
- the Letter "I" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "I";
(B) "Inside" (Tom's choice);
(C) A Favorite; 
(D) Reflections.
_ _ _ _ 

(A) Starts with the Letter "I": "Icing" and "Indian Ocean" start with "I".  This is a piece of Mrs. Jim's birthday cake.  We were on a cruise,  her birthday is on New Year's Day  and we were someplace out in the Indian Ocean.

(B) "Inside" (Tom's choice): A lady opened her refrigerator and saw this rabbit sitting on one of the shelves.
"What are you doing in there?" she asked.

The rabbit replied:

"This is a Westinghouse, isn't it?"

The lady replied "Yes it is."

"Well," the rabbit said,

"I'm westing."
"I hope you have a Happy 

  and Hoppy Easter!"

[Sent in eMail by Warren, thank you Warren] 

(C) A Favorite: Red Bud tree in bloom welcoming Spring.  Our younger daughter says the Blue Bonnets are blooming along I-10 here in Katy west of Houston.  

The Red Buds are blooming all over, this one is a newly planted one is outside our eye doctor's office. 

(D) Reflections: A photo from India taken last December 16.  This was another pretty scene Reflection from our three hour backwater houseboat ride. Behind those palm trees are oodles of rice fields.  
 _ _ _ _  

My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you wish).

(1)  How do you treat family birthday celebrations while traveling?    Another easy question for me, it seems like every time  i consider Runnung Away for my birthday Mrs. Jim and I celebrate it together.  Most memorable was a trip to watch our younger daughter run the NYC Marathon.   We took the subway to cheer her along six different places.  That was one of the years that P Diddly ran it, we cheered him too.

(2)  What do you think of when we are discussing "Rabbits"?   I think of all of them that visit our flower beds to eat flowers. 

 Bonus Questions:   
(1) what is your favorite "I" word?  This time it will be "Icicle."  I haven't seen any of those in years.

(2)  What comes to mind when you hear "Houseboat" mentioned?    Most times I remember how eating fish and chips at the little warf restaurant amongst the houseboats in Victoria,  B.C.. 

(3)  If you wish to tell of your OLD CAR or COLLECTOR CAR experiences this would be another  day. 


I've had several , all Ford products except one Dodge.  My '74 and '98 Ford Mustang's are the ones, probably last ones, I have now.
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