Friday, October 06, 2006

It's fair to howl tonight . . . . . . . Howl with me at the Harvest Moon

My night time photo of the Tuscan Moon in April. April Moons are very similar to October Moons. The picture at the right came with the Yaho! News article.

I howl at the moon. A very nice full moon and I will bite too, if my fangs come out!

Tonight's Full Moon 12 Percent Bigger - Yahoo! News:

"Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
Fri Oct 6, 9:15 AM ET

Tonight's full Moon will be almost 12 percent bigger than some of the full Moons this year, according to NASA, setting up a fine viewing opportunity when it rises in the evening.

The reason: The Moon is near perigee, the point on its slightly out-of-round orbit that is closest to Earth.
This Moon is called the Harvest Moon, owing to its timing of being nearest the autumnal equinox. Farmers in the past relied on it to harvest all night. The Harvest Moon is not always closer and bigger than normal.

The Moon will rise around 6 p.m. local time (compute exact time for your location). It will be officially 'full' at 11:13 p.m. ET, though the Moon is never really full.

Some other strange Moon facts:
The Moon is not bigger when on the horizon.
The Moon is moving away as you read this. Far away.
There is no proof the Moon makes people crazy.

Late Monday night and into Tuesday morning, Oct. 10, the Moon will pass in front of the Pleiades star cluster, creating an interesting skywatching opportunity for skywatchers with telescopes.
More to Explore:
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I knew you were a vampire Jim!!

I forgot to mention that I loved her Halloween decorations.
"There is no proof the Moon makes people crazy."...Not until just now.
Hello Jim ~ I don't know a lot about full moons but watch out for it.
Thanks for your comments. Granny thinks flank steak would be like our
oyster blade. Feel free to copy any
quote or item that are on my blog, as
we don't all have the same readers.
That is if you want to. I liked the
lovely mirror in Mrs Jim's decor.
Take care, Merle.
very intersting information Jim, I love going outside on a clear night and watching the moon & stars
Nuthin' to say Jim, Cliff said it all.
And I can't do much about it, that moon shines in on me through the transom window while I'm sleeping.
It's scary if I wake up like that, I'm always afraid that maybe I've bitten Mrs. Jim.

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