Friday, April 21, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.16 -- "P" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of April 21:  (1) Starts with P; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) foot/feet

(1). Starts with "P":
"P" is for pills, the pills I take every day.  This in the end of my morning ritual of ten (10) pills between breakfast and lunch.  There are nine pills later on during the day.

Two of the morning's are prescription, one is a full strength aspirin, six are various vitamins and minerals, and three are digestive aids  My dctors and I think that all these pills are helping to keep me alive.

I need to have food with some of those so generally I have saltines and either peanut butter or cottage cheese, low fat or no fat, with my pills.
"P" is for Potato Salad. Mrs. Jim made some for us this week.

 Sometimes Mrs. Jim tries to make Mom's and has just about gotten it perfected.  As far as we know hers was never written down, she just had it perfected and kept it in her head.

Mrs. Jim makes a delicious Potato Salad with her own experimenting as well.  One version has small apple slices in to give it a little crunch.  Always it has onions, sweet pickle relish, hard boiled eggs, and mayo.  I think she might put a little sugar in sometimes as well.

In the picture of my lunch plate you see lots of yellow mustard applied to the top.  My Rule No. 107 is never to mess with the cooks creations very much.  The cook in your favorite restaurant appreciates when you ooh and awe over his or her cooking.  But on the leftovers, Rule No. 107.a allows for a liberal application of mustard on Potato Salad.

(2) Week's Favorite:  This could have been the Potato Salad above, but too much has been going on for that. 

Instead, this Week's Favorite was Easter and the pre-Easter preparations.  My pictures will be fairly self-explaining. [You can click on them to make them a tad bit larger.  My Picasa (free) program is not working well so that will be all the bigger I can make them at this time.]

Good Friday evening our daughter Karen and family invited Mrs. Jim and I over for Dinner, aka Supper. Above is the hors d'oeuvre hour yummies. She baked the Gougères (link) making them of Goat Cheese.  The eggs are candy coated chocolate eggs, in the other bowls are pop corn, potato chips, and mixed nuts.  On the tray was crackers and anther homemade cheese spread.

Seafood Bouillabaisse was our main dishIt is a French tomato based stew derivation with some vegetables.  Then Karen's for seafood had mussels, shrimp, and whitefish. 

When Mrs. Jim is with Karen and KP we have a 'three generation' gathering.  By the time I took this picture we had all removed our crowns that were inside the crackers.

(Easter Crackers link)  On the Easter Table Crackers (they also make them for Christmas and just plain party table crackers) you have the neighbor on your right take one end and you take the other, in your right hand.  Then your neighbor on your left will offer you one end of his or her cracker.  One command every one pulls.  The thing pops when it gets pulled apart. 
At the front of our house we placed the cross you see to the left of the entryway.  The letters are on the backside and the resulting white cross goes out Friday Evening.  Then on Sunday morning the sign is meant to be turned around showing the letters, "He is Risen!"  The smaller letters below say, "He is Risen Indeed!"  I brought the sign in Tuesday morning.

(3) foot/feet:  I have sometimes threatened to have a Pretty Foot contest or an Ugly Foot contest on my blog.  Then I will say that my right foot win the Ugly Foot contest and the right will win the Pretty Foot contest.  I do have several posts about feet or foot situations.  ( Links,  ,  )

Here are pictures of my feet today and one from another day (sideways view).  [You can click on the pictures to make them appear in larger size.]

_ _ _ _ _ _

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Friday, April 14, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.15 -- "O" is for ...


Fridays Hunt for the week of April 14th:  (1) Starts with "O"; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Blossom

(1) Starts with "O":   "O" is for Odometer.  Our 2011 car just rolled over to 100,000 miles this week.

(2) Week's Favorite:  This week is the Passion Week for Christians to celebrate.  Jesus died on Friday night and on Sunday (Easter for us) he had Risen from his grave.  He died as God's son, sent to earth as a human to die as a perfect sacrifice for all mankind that would accept this as truth for them included.  Before this lambs were sacrificed as a sacrifice offering to God for humans sins against God.

Thus, we as Christians have assurance, by his Word of our being freed from the grave and ascend to Heaven with Jesus.  Things that happened to us this week follow in pictures: (remember the Odometer above)

The rabbit is not Bible material, but besides church services children celebrate Easter by enjoying the Easter Eggs and treats that the Easter Bunny has brought them, often in a basket the children have set outside.  Mrs. Jim and KP were decorating hard boiled eggs this evening.

When Jesus died, he actually was killed by the Roman Army by crucifixion on a large wooden cross.  Since then the Cross has become a symbol for Christians to celebrate his death and resurrection from his grave.  Here you see Mrs. Jim and I at church by one of the floral displays.  Note the cross in the midst.

(3) Blossom:  Our vinca flowers are in bloom.  So are the toadstools, aka mushrooms, growing in our flower beds.  We think their seeds came with the mulch.  It was bulk mulch and not pasteurized mulch from sacks.

Here, left, is one of the toadstools blooming.  At right I found this single blossom in a fairly large bed of flowers.  I don't know what plant/flower this is.
_ _ _ _ _ _

The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's HuntHer rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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Friday, April 07, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.14 -- "N" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of April 7th:  (1) Starts with N; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Blue

(1) Starts with N: "N" is for New.   New plants for the backyard.  We had a hard freeze in January and the Hibiscus didn't make it.  The Rabbits ate our pansies long ago (link to my children's poem about that).  So now we have New Vincas in the beds. Plus in the one bed showing we have Lilly of the Nile plants that Mrs. Jim brought here from our previous house in Montgomery for this one bed.

So now our backyard is looking pretty nice again.  I can't wait until the natural water temp get warmer in the pool.  KP has already tested it.

We also put in a new to us Palm tree to replace the one in the center of the ones beside the back fence.  This one is a Silver Palm that is winter resistant, supposedly.

(2) Week's Favorite: I found this Driving cartoon on one my FaceBook friend's pages.  I can't remember who, but it floats around I'm sure. 

Mrs. Jim seems to be more concerned with my driving since we moved out of the country and back in to YUPs (Young Urban Professionals) land. 

Most of the YUPs drive really fast and dart in and out of traffic.  Not the peaceful Montgomery setting she's used to driving in.

I think that goes both ways, she may not.  We both are good drivers.

(3) Blue: These Blue Sky pictures I took coming back from Washington, D.C. after our January visit with BP (blog link).

And then I found this picture I had taken, I don't remember why though, that I took it. But the Blue packaged cookies are to die for but the red ones are too sticky as the filling is some cooked up sticky-jelly-like concoction.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's HuntHer rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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Friday, March 31, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.13-- "M" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of March 31st: Starts with M; Week's Favorite; and Water

You can count the keys on this LARGE PRINT typewriter pictured below.
Please also note that it is a manual and not electric.

"Typewriter" posts, 

1.  Starts with M:  "M" is for Make Up
Here it is "Make up your mind", is it Double or Single Space after a period?  

To help matters, I learned in my Typing Class to always do two spaces after a period, also do the double space after a colon.  Now-a-days most published material has only one space after periods.
For me I still double space, I think it helps the reader to separate the sentences.

These two links may help you make a decision:
a.  Google it:

b.  Huffington Post article:  (a scientific survey study)

c.  More uses of "Make Up" besides 'make up' your mind
 - Wearing makeup, I put too much "makeup" this morning;
 - Catching up by taking a "Make up" exam in school work or a rained out sports game;
 - Constitute, Women and people of color "make up" the majority of the Trump coalition
 - Fill in, complete, Donald Trump's Tax Plan—The Rich Pay Less, and You "Make Up" the ... 
 - Patch up a damaged relationship, after a night on the town and dining at a nice restaurant, the couple seemed to "make up" their differences;
And I am sure there are others you might think of.  For me, these are the majority of uses of "Make UP".

2.  Week's Favorite: Eating, if not leftovers then it's hot dogs made me.

Pie from "Pi Day".  Mrs. Jim made Apple pie for me.  I told you I would get some (Link to Pi Day Posts)

I am the Hot Dog maker of the house.  This is just a plain dog on bun with relish, mustard, and cheese.  (Link to hot dog posts)

Left over spaghetti from eating out.  I had eaten the Frutti di Mare before getting the rest put into my doggy bag.  Then, as usual I add a dozen plus shrimp from our freezer.  Really good "Fruit of the Sea" leftover dish. 


3.  Water: You might like this, from an older 2012 post about "Water",
Stealing from the kids

These are balls rescued from the golf course, many came from the water, possible the water being held in the sand trap where Sam (not his real name) is raking for balls.  He found several but not his own.

The children's sign on the tree says:

$1.00 Yellow
...50¢ Blue
...25¢ Green
_ _ _ _ _ _

The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's HuntHer rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Share Your World -- March 27 Week

Here are Cee’s questions for this week. I hope you’ll share your answers, too.

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?
YES, both first and middle. 
My Dad's middle name is Vernon, that is also my middle name.  He did answer to Vernon and used C. Vernon for all his documents and signatures.
But no one called him either Charles, his real first name, or a suitable nickname.  They mostly called him Jim.  Then when I was born they named me James Vernon
But they couldn't call me Jim as that was Dad's popular name.  So I was either  Jimmy or Little Jim.  Dad was never Big Jim.  And I was never a Vernon. My three uncles called me Jimmy all their lives and several of my friends still call me Jimmy.  I'd rather be Jim which I am to most people.  Hardly ever except for official things am I James. (Sorry this got drawn out and long.)

Music or silence while working?
Classic Rock.  That would be a bit of the later 60's, the 70's and maybe a bit of early 80's  I'd rather have TV, it is turned on most all of the time now that I don't work.  I don't pay much attention to a lot of it though.

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?
By my bed.
In my study/office.
In the garage.

The Never List: What are things you know you never will do?
 - I will never forgive certain persons even though I can be 'friendly' with him or her.  They may have forgotten but I cannot forgive because of scars I have.
 - I will NEVER eat egg plant.  Probably that is because of a high school joke.
 - I will NEVER get to the South Pole.  I have always wanted to do that.  The closest I've been is around Cape Horn and have visited the Falkland Islands.
 - I will NEVER get to Antarctica or the North Pole although I've been into the Artic Circle.
 - I will NEVER kick or mistreat a pet or any farm animal, no animal for that matter.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 
I'm grateful for my Sunday School class.  Without it our church with thousands of members (Second Baptist Church Houston) would not provide the fellowship with other members.  Our class has 137 members, most of them fairly regularly attend.  Our attendance averages in the 90's on Sunday mornings.
 - LAST WEEK, Friday night, our Shepherd Group met at a Mexican Restaurant near the church, ten minutes from our place.  We have 20 in the group, 14 came for dinner.
The picture is of our teacher, Dr. Charles
 and his wife.  Our class is aged 60 and up.

 I had Chile Reno dinner, besides the pepper filled with

hamburger my plate had rice, guacamole salad, charo beans,

a chicken enchilada, and all the corn chips I could eat. 
I took a doggy plate home for Sunday lunch, about half of this.  
-  In the WEEK COMING UP, we are looking forward to our seven-year-old granddaughter, KP, to have a soccer game.  She plays mostly at Left Guard.  That was on Saturday, on Friday night the men of our Sunday school class will have a supper and meeting at the Church.  The ladies will meet Saturday morning.
 - EVERY WEEK Mrs. Jim and I put together and mail out a newsletter to our Sunday school class meeting.  This week I also will make an April Calendar showing the month's activities for the class.
_ _ _

The fine print:
 - I'm linked with Cee at Share Your World,
 - You might want to participate, check her out
 - To view older versions of Share Your World (SYW), click here
 - I try to add photos to my answers although it is not a requirement to participate in Share your World.

041514 sywbanner

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Friday, March 24, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.12-- "L" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of March 24th: Starts with L; Week's Favorite; and Antique

(1)  Starts with L:  "L" is for Llama. You can help us decide if this animal that I am posed with is a llama or an Alpaca. Mrs. Jim isn't for absolute certain but she thinks it is a an __??__ .  She goes by the Length of its ears and neck and height.  "L" for Long and "L" for Llama.  Not much help, huh?

(2) Week's Favorite:  La Madeleine honored National French Bread Day last  Tuesday (check it out, click here).  All the customers having an La Madeleine App were sent One Free Baguette (large size) with a purchase (really free?).  Each of us had a sandwich salad, coffee and a free Baguette.

(3)  Antique:  This Bombay chest is old but it may or may not be antique.  It is a little shakey and has a small cigar sized hole in one end.  We have had it a long time, Mrs. Jim bought it from a widow lady who was moving to Florida to be near her daughter. 

She also bought six green upholstered dining chairs with Queen Anne legs and brass tacks.  Well, ... there was also a fairly large sitting dog, definitely not antique.  If we have another antique day here and if I remember I will show these items then.

(4)  Starts with L:  Some more

"L" is for Leftovers.  This half my lunch (on the left).  Mrs. Jim had two left over baked and frozen sweet potatoes and a left over small end of a baked pork loin, also frozen, and a left over cabbage, not frozen.  Remember that I had already eaten half of my leftover meal before I remembered to take a picture.

"L" is for Lipsync.  I took this snap above of the Kelly (and friend) Show while they were doing the WINTER LIP SYNC trivia contest on March 23.  I think a lady won a nice trip to a resort.  It may have been to an Arizona Dude Ranch that day. 

The name for this contest because a dancer in a cage-like stage lip sync sings to the music playing of a song that she is dancing to.  This is just before the person is called to answer the trivia question, generally something about the previous day's program or guest.  

You can see the sign behind Kelly and her friend of the day, please forgive the poor quality, but note the sign says "Winter".  Winter ended on Monday, March 20 with the first day of spring.  I.e. we were three days into Spring and the sign had become dated, out of date. I plan to see if they have changed it by next week for Monday's program.

"L" is for Long Life.  (Enlarge to read the article photo I've posted here at the right.) Scientists are beginning to believe that humans have a maxim age, regardless of modern medical advances  They believe that will end up somewhere around age 115.   .                      Do you believe in Science?                  How about the increasing extremes, warming and cooling, of the weather for the next zillion years?  As an ex-rocket science worker, NASA Aerospace Engineer (before leaving to teach), I do for both of these.                                                                           - - - - - 
The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's Hunt.  Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Share Your World -- March 20 Week

Picture from Cee, Share Your World -- March 20, 2017

Here are Cee’s questions for this week. I hope you’ll share your answers, too.

If you did not know how old you were, then how old would you think you were?
I'd think I was nineteen (19).
You've lost your umbrella. Where might it be found?
My umbrella is where I left it the last time I used it. Very likely on the shelf by the house door from the garage. 
Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending with quiet time alone?
Neither, I take a nap. It may be a short one or a long one. 
Name three things you and your spouse, partner or best friend to have in common (for me it's Mrs. Jim).
1.  We are both Christians, have been for a long time. I recommend it highly.
2.  We are both naturalized Texas citizens.
3.  We both like to travel. Our last travel was on a Princess cruise starting from L.A. and ending in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
4.  We both love and like to be with our family members, five kids, six grandkids, and two great-grandchildren with another on the way. 
5.  Even though we don't tweet we both twitter away a lot of time with our electronic devices and social media.
Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 
Last week was Spring Break and our youngest granddaughter spent part of her week with us.
Next week is pretty far away for us old folk to plan for. We hope to get to see some Texas Bluebonnet fields

I'm linked with Cee at Share Your World, 

 - You might want to participate, check her out
 - To view older version of Share Your World (SYW), click here

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