Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This and That: (1)Shortage of baby making machines; (2)Good use for manure, no more petroleum; (3)Robots to park cars; and (4)Eat to help sleeping

The problem: Not enough baby making machines in Japan!

My solution: Build a bridge from Mexico and Central America to Japan, then open the gate. Admit two women (baby making machines) for every one man.

I read this in:
BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific Japan gaffe minister 'must quit':

"Tackling birth rate

Mr Yanagisawa had told a local political meeting 'Because the number of birth-giving machines and devices is fixed, all we can ask for is for them to do their best per head.'
Japanese children are fewer and further between

On Monday he told parliament he would 'make every effort in the Abe government to work out measures to solve the problem of the low birth-rate.'

Prime Minister Abe has pledged to bring in policies that will tackle the falling birth rate.

Japan has the world's highest ratio of elderly to young people.
The trend raises serious concerns about the country's future economic growth and how it can fund its pensions.

It also has forced Japan to question its attitude to immigration."

Yes, immigration should be the answer, read all about the problem.

Where is the petroleum? It just takes corn and soybeans to make environmentally clean energy for the world.

Methane gas from cow manure, to fuel the process to make enthen0l from corn and soybeans, the corn and soybean byproduct is then fed to the cows, the cows make more methane.


[AP photo from Houston Chronicle below (link)]

Oh yes, the people can eat the cows.


There are three open places in the loop:

Check the math, and enormity, on this:

"Langley's [ethanol] plant is next to a 28,000-head cattle feedlot. The cattle will produce roughly 244,000 tons of manure annually — more than enough to be the sole power source for the company's 25 million-gallon ethanol plant." (quote is from the Houston Chronicle article below)

From the Houston Chronicle, Jan. 27, 2007, 8:29PM (link)

"Cattle may produce new profit

Ethanol plant fueled by methane is nearly ready

MEAD, NEB. — Ranchers have long been fond of saying cattle manure smells like money.

Now, folks in the business of making ethanol are smelling dollars too — in the methane gas emitted by manure at large cattle feedlots and dairies."

Read all about it at the Houston Chronicle link.




Robots on Yahoo! News Photos(link):

This guy is September Bub from my June Bug Collection (link)

Robots to park cars in New York

The Houston Chronicle, Jan. 30, 2007, 1:44PM (link)

Computers will do it all and, "Parking rates will be competitive — about $400 monthly or $25 per day, according to Ari Milstein, the director of planning for Automotion Parking Systems."

Go read the article to find out all about it.



Eat your way to a good night's sleep

Our choices are: [from Family Nutrition by (link)]


Foods that are high in carbohydrates and calcium, and medium-to-low in protein also make ideal sleep-inducing bedtime snacks. Some examples:

  • apple pie and ice cream (my favorite) [mine too!]

  • whole-grain cereal with milk

  • hazelnuts and tofu

  • oatmeal and raisin cookies, and a glass of milk

  • peanut butter sandwich, ground sesame seeds

(It takes around one hour for the tryptophan in the foods to reach the brain, so don't wait until right before bedtime to have your snack.) "

Let's see now, I'll have a peanut butter sandwich, a granola bar, some hazel nuts, and apple pie and ice cream.

I hope this all doesn't give me nightmares that will spoil it all by waking me up.

We met with a firm yesterday starting a $150M plant for corn to produce ethanol. He thinks the future will convert a lot of these corn plants to 'switch grass' so that CRP acres can help fuel America.
Jim I always learn so much from you. You should be a news reporter. Now I can go about my day feeling fueled up on knowledge. LOL

Take care xx
Jim I am not retired yet. lol Back date posts... what are you like?

I will try hard to keep on top of the blogging. You still have two weeks before my Auntie gets here.

You guys crack me up.

Take care xx
I got tired writing last night. I could have added a couple of sleep facts.

1st, honey is really good in inducing sleep per GMA yesterday morning. I should put honey on my peanut butter sandwich.

2nd, we lose weight if we get enough sleep, at least eight hours is needed for this.

From this, eat more of these foods before going to bed, then we can sleep longer and lose more weight.
A bowl of cereal does the trick if it is the right type of cereal. It has to be high in sugar. Something about that sugar milk combination can cause a lot of people to fall asleep.
#1 I think Mr. Yanagisawa has a slanted view on women.
#2 What a bunch of BS.
#3 Do the robot valets have built-in housekey duplicators?
#4 What can I eat to wake me up?
I don't know about robots parking cars! Seems like if there's a mistake it's going to be a big one and quite costly!!

Eat more and sleep more. Sounds like a plan to me!!

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