Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr. Tim Man and his pet grashopper friend -- Au revoir

Mr. Tim Man went for a walk. As he walked along the fence he happened to look down. There was Mr. Grasshopper looking like he was in pain.

Is there something wrong, you silly green fellow? Did someone step on your tail or worse?

No, no, nothing like that.

Well then, what is the matter with you. You are looking terrible. Do you feel half as bad?

I feel terrible. I have no friends and here I am trying to get some shade from this small tree.

I will be your friend but you can't be staying there under that tree. Besides it doesn't even look like a tree to me, you silly frog.

I'm not a frog. Well, then, let us go. By the way, where are you going? Where are we going?

I really don't know. I hadn't even planned on going until I found you green guy laying there and saw your troubles.

Okay, let's go. My grandmother grasshopper lives in Quebec City. We can go visit her.

That would be fine. But please don't tell Mr. Jim. He might not want us to go.

I won't tell a soul.

- - - - -

This is Jim. Now I have two tin creatures to be keeping track of of. Keeping up with one is actually quite pleasant. I just don't like green creatures.

When I catch up with them I surely will sell that tin grasshopper character to the scrap man. He will pay 'top dollar.' I heard that line on the TV station last night.

So I will pretty well stop this blogging bit and head for Canada. There are a few posts that I worked on over at the Photo and Poem Place that are halfway ready to be posted..

If the scrap dealer pays enough for the grasshopper I might just stay gone.

Bye bye. Au revoir.

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I love both of them and especially the grasshopper. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Haha, love the grasshopper. We used to chase them (the non-tin kind) when I was little. We'd catch them and then release them again
What do they eat?
I hope the grasshopper goes cheap then Jim cos I would hate for you to stay gone! Have a good time.
Have fun in Canada. I like green creatures so I will hoppersit for you while you are gone.
If they make it all the way to my place, I'll give them a nice bit opf yard to call their very own. You have fun in Canada!
that grasshopper is a good old green soul
and as Kermit has taught us - it's not easy being green
I think he needs a good home and a loving friend
and I think you fit the bill
you know that is very differant to have for garden decorations>>>i have sunflowers and dandylions in my garden and my wife says get rid ot hem they are weeds>>.doen'nt anybody say get rid of them they are pests to the tin man and the grasshoppers
Love the
Hi Jim, Step on the bug and water the plant.
I remember your mom's chocolate roll. Mom never made that. I also remember that all the old farm wives could fry chicken to die for.
Our family's eating habits were the same. Be there at 12 or you're in trouble. Yeah we all ate together. Dad insisted that we all eat together and it had to be on time for Mom's benefit.
Your grand daughter is really getting cute.
I like the grasshopper! He is a bright fellow and won't eat much. My cats make it hard on the grasshoppers in our yard. They are always playing with them, which usually ends up badly for the grasshopper I'm afraid.

I hope you have a fun trip and do come back!!
Hurry back, Jim! I finally did a flashback and got it posted.
hey jim, Mrs, Jim

hope ya both are well.

like the grasshopper too :)

thanks for stopping by!

take care

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