Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just a couple [two] of words to welcome. This is my first attempt at blog writing and I don't have a message today. I want to see if it works.


It works! Start blogging and we'll start reading!

I got here from a message you left on Cliff Morrow's blog!
HI Jim, well you've learned how to get readers already. You have to leave messages and they will return the favor. Rachel, above, is one of my favorite blogger friends. There is a lot of garbage out there and it is likely that you'll find the right people by finding someone you like reading and following their commenters. And when you start to get a lot of spam, you will want to turn on 'word verification' on your dashboard.
Hi Rachael. It is a compliment for me to have had your visit.

I have known Cliff since he was born. Our mothers were very good friends. I'm a lot older than he is so we don't have too much in common for goings on.

Cliff and my Dad were good friends too. Lodge buddies also.

He is a nice guy. Our daughter Jim Jr. # 5 and his daughter, Julie, would hang out when we visited town.

1. A dash is two hypehens: "--"

2. It's time to write your book. You've always talked about it, you never had time for it, but now you do. And you like to write. And your book will be interesting because you've done a lot, and because you're kind of off-the-wall.....(you'd be REALLY off-the-wall if you'd let go a little more, get a little looser. But--hey--(notice the two hyphens) to each his own style.

3. Jr.#3 sounds really interesting. We'd like to hear more about him. The other Jrs. are boring.
Thanks. Yes, I know that's what we did with the typewriters. MS Word has spoiled me because it corrects and makes a real dash with "-" or "--." (did I put the period in the correct place?)
I'll go back to doing it right. Thanks.
Oh yes, Jr.#3 is a SHE. Never was a HE. I will tell about her in the blog later, but I really can't keep up with her lately. She has been hiding from the law I think, in Louisiana.
Must be Jr.#4 who is the interesting one. He is single, plays golf, rides a motorcycle, has a couple of almost grown kids, seems young for his age (mid to lower 40's--I know exactly but he wouldn't want people to know), and he is A REALLY NICE GUY.
Welcome to the blogosphere!
Thanks for the visit. I read yours fairly regularly.

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