Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[This]-- A pig wearing lipstick [and That] Our preacher's birthday today

[large picture] [super sized] [ large picture] [ super sized]
.That isn't really a pig. At least these aren't but they won't be wearing lipstick either. They are my toy pigs.

These toy pigs are gifts. My grandfather told me to "never look a gift pig in the mouth." So if they were wearing lipstick, I wouldn't know it because I don't look these pigs in the mouth.

Back when I was dating, I did meet some pigs wearing lipstick. Some of them were kind of after me, perhaps that's why I thought they were pigs.

These two pigs:
The one on the left is almost as old as I am, our Vet, Dr. Scott, gave it to me when I was very young. I have kept the pig and treasured it ever since.

The black and white pig is a gift from Mrs. Jim. She knows I like pigs (I talk to them quite often, they are very interesting to talk with, try it sometime) and this doorstop has a permanent place in our home now, right beside the front door.

Preacher's birthday:
The Jim Bunch is eating tonight at the church. For the preacher's birthday supper we are having fried catfish, hush puppies, French fries, cold slaw, salad, and desert.

Oh yes, and birthday cake. If I can get close I will count the candles for you. And take a picture.

[large size] [super sized] [large size] [super sized]
Well, I did get close and there WEREN'T ANY CANDLES.

I was told by a reliable authority that he is ... years old today. No, I can't tell you because maybe I am not supposed to tell. I didn't ask if I could so I won't tell.

I didn't get any cake either as I had to go to a meeting before it was cut.

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It is simply inexcusable that you would discuss Sarah Palin this way. Inexcusable.
oh dear. you actually know pigs? that's flat out downright sad. You know they really are gr8 pets. I was thinking about getting one...Anyhoo, eat tons, enjoy yourself and then stop on by and watch my vid. You might need to make a purchase. *lovies*
Pearls before swine? Please take a picture of a hushpuppy for me ... please ;)
The pigs are cute! I like talking to pigs too and scratching their backs.

I hope you are prepared for Ike. Take care and I pray you all stay safe.
Dear Jim,
I don't follow your American election, that is, I'm way off in getting the points.
Lipsticks are for pitbulls and women like me, I guess.
No use in looking anyone, but the horse in the mouth; if you are buying one.
What a pity you didn't get to taste that artistic cake. Are you pastor also a keen golfer like yourself. The sight of the green...
Pigs are wise and so lovely.
Heads of the animal farm.
From Felisol
Happy Birthday to your Pastor. How wonderful that you all go together for a Birthday dinner. Oh man, if we start having Birthday parties for everyone I know, I think I might be able to go to a party every night. My family alone keeps me pretty busy with Birthday dinners.

Say "HI" to Mrs. Jim for me.

GDay Jim'
Cute pigs.WE say over here dont look a gift horse in the mouth..
Happy Birthday to Pastor.. Have a nice dinner.
I almost won us a pig at the festival in Georgia! On Jimmie Kimmel last night, they showed his three 'helpers' putting lipstick on a pig.
Doug - I didn't mention that woman. I try not to be political on this blog.

'Chuckie' -- I raised two litters of pigs, one each for my last two years of high school (FFA). One litter of eight, one was nine.
They we were supposed to be farm animals but they wouldn't stay in the pens and were farmyard pets.
Thank goodness we didn't eat any of them but someone did.

Mrs. Mac -- No hush puppy picture from last night, we did eat just what I said we would. I have both a tale on a little blog about them and a picture on file. I'll find them, re-write the article, and do a picture soon.
And I'll let you know when I do (but don't hold your breath).

Rachel -- Up here 60 miles north of the center of Houston and 125 miles from the coast we will have wind and rain.
We won't evacuate and will probably loose power for a few days. What we will do is all (dogs too) take a bath the night before, tie outside things down or bring them inside, make sure the Coleman lantern is working, draw lots of water, and pray.
Actually we are praying already before doing all that other.
Thank you for your concern, it is serious. A lot of our kids might come up here out of Houston, none are sure yet.
Our winds could be 80-110 mph up here (predicted).

Felisol -- Yes, that was a little from looking a gift horse in the mouth. Pigs are wise, I really do like pigs.
I have a couple more, one is a $2.00 (got it for a buck) green jade pig we got in China. Can't buy much for a $buck, even in China.

Lori -- At our Wednesday night gathering and meal, we sing Happy Birthday to all with birthdays and sing to wedding anniversary people.
The preacher is special. I took his picture last night but WE decided not to put him or his name on the blog.
Everyone likes him a lot, he preaches from the Bible, is fairly Evangelistic, and is from Louisiana with a B.S. from LSU. Those last two go over big with Mrs. Jim. I like his sense of humor.

Karen -- I remember you almost catching that pig, he was a greased one. You were little.
This was at the Swine Time Festival at Climax, Georgia.
If I didn't know better, it looks like that pig is sitting next to Chanel lipstick - that is one stylish pig!!
All I got to say is this: "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig." (Not original with me. Saw it on a piece of artwork)

Happy birthday to your Pastor.
Oh my gosh you do love pigs! sandie

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