Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is this thing? -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- A quiz

[large picture] [super size it]

I found it at church. Mrs. Jim was doing some work there and it was sitting on the table.

Since it is new there is an invoice which details brand and everything. Only problem is that the envelope is home and I am away visiting.

Mrs. Jim is here so I asked her. She said, "Scott knows." I told her that I had written on the envelope but I needed to know NOW for the blog, Ruby Tuesday in RED.

So all I can do is to tell you later tonight if you care to come back and look.

If you know or think you know please tell me what in your comment. Thanks.

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Hi Jim,
It reminds me of an Africian gourd drum. I can't tell if the top is solid or open.
I'll be back to find out what it is. :)
That was a lot of bead work!
Certainly an interesting piece! As Carletta said, I thought of a gourd instantly, but I wonder about being African! I'm not sure either but love it!
That's a west african whosimawhatsit.
I also thought of a gourd, but that would be too easy I guess.

Interesting beads on the 'thing.' Looking forward to the answer to your quiz, Jim.

Happy Ruby Tuesday ~
Oh wait, at church? Maybe a pitcher to hold water when it's time for the washing of the feet?
I've not a clue what it is. I'll await your addition to this post.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Dear Jim,
Your thing sure has an ethnic look.
Could its origin be as close as Mexico?
Honestly, I haven't got a clue.
As nice macro photo it is.
And, yes, I will be back to get the answer.
Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it also has brought man to the moon.

Gunnar and my friend Turid are all alike.They can easily connect with animals, wild and domestic.
Good companions to hide behind for a coward like me.
From Felisol
I'll go with a vase - perhaps inverted. Perhaps not. A loudly decorated winter squash?? I'm stumped. Maybe the gaudy dress just makes us confused...
That is a hat .. for a hard headed person, with a skinny head..

well, actually.. don't know :(

Good Ruby Red entry though!
Looks like some instrument of torture. But I doubt that is what you are going to say it is. Cool thing, with all those beads and that round shape.
looks like a drum but there're beads! I don't know :) wonder what it is though. thanks for visiting my RT:)
A mystery for sure, Jim! I hope you find out!
it looks like a great decoration thingi..lol

i am feelling kinda off so no more blogging activity for me this week...i am only reading what every one else has to say..
What a nice piece of art. Happy Ruby Tuesday.
I feel I want to shake it! It must be a marrakah (can't spell it!) By the way, you do very well for 107!
Yes kind of reminds me of one of those african type things.
Whatever it is, it looks great and it is a wonderful shot for the theme!
Happy RT!
yeah it looks like a giant gourd to me..didn't think they grew that BIG!!
A drum for sure. Happy RT
I am back to find out the answer.

Not yet...
It's lovely but I'd just be guessing along the same lines as others. It's great for Ruby Tuesday ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Jim, it does look like a gourd, a big one! But I'll be back! Happy Ruby Tuesday! Patti might have the answer... :)
it looks like a planter stuck in upside down in a beaded bowl mr. jim...probably hiding its face from winter!
don't really blame it either!....love terry

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