Saturday, October 03, 2009

Adi Can -- Walk with an attitude -- Six Word Saturday

If you're happy, wag your tail

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It has been a long time since Adi and I went for our morning walk. Yesterday we finally got out. The weather is so nice now, Fall has come to Texas for a few days.

Adi generally likes to take pictures but this morning she was a little anxious about stopping her walk for very long at all. She did tolerate sitting with these pretty flowers. We had a hard rain the night befor so these flowers weren't at their best.

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Adi was less happy stopping under the horse apple tree for this picture.

We both thought someone had started gathering the fallen ones. Very likely they wanted to make a nice horse apple pie. That isn't true, we don't eat those at all around here. I don't think the horses would either.

They do keep roaches out of the garage if a few are placed here and there. We don't have roaches in our garage. So if you come for a visit, be sure you aren't bringing us any.

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Here, Adi is more in her element, contented because we weren't stopping. We had been walking on sidewalks. Now she could run along with her nose to the ground. Adi would stop I'm sure if she sniffed something good for her to roll around in.

[large picture]
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Now she has found things more yet to her liking. She is so happy being a dog like Mother Nature wanted her to be. She likes to run along in the tall grass sniffing as she goes. Perhaps she will find me a rabbit .

Adi is a therapy dog. Adi and I are a registered therapy dog team. To visit Adi's meme, click here.

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That's a dog's dog and Adi has fans in Santa Clarita.
Another Adi fan here! What a cutie! She looks like she had a good time and those photos were great. Amazing color.

Makes me wish I had a doggie!
Adi and pretty flowers: a great combination!
Great photos, I like those pretty flowers though I am quite afraid of dog.
G Lala, Adi is a therapy dog. We visit children to help them learn to read. We also visit senior citizens in the assisted living homes to help make their day go better.

She is a tri-color beagle. Most beagles don't bite. Adi is very friendly, she would like you. And you would like her.
What great photos, and a beautiful dog. Happy 6WS.
Sweet dog and so good that she's a therapy dog - our dogs are either too old or too boisterous but they're great therapy for us!
I am not a dog,
so I have no tail to wag—
I shall smile instead.

My Six Words
Hi Jim ~~ Nice that you and Adi got to take a walk and the flowers were very pretty. It must be nice to run and romp on green grass, and be young enough to do it.

Thanks for your comments on my short post. I just get too tired, but it is nice to see friends and rellies. Mind you, I consider a lot of my blogging buddies are also my friends.
I have heard that mother sows do crush their piglets. Take care,
Regards, Merle.
Wagging tail here..... :) Happy!
Great 6 word saturday...looks like you had a good walk!
Great pictures! Happy 6WS
Awww...cute doggie!!! BTW...I thought those horse apples were tennis balls at!

Happy SWS!
She's a sweetheart, Jim, and I agree with your 6WS :D

Horse apples? I've never heard of them! Interesting.
Adi looks like a good doggy. Please give her a nice scratch between the ears for me.

Thanks for playing 6WS!
Jim, my grandson loves looking at pictures of Adi...Everytime he comes over, he wants to look at

Here is some Caladryl, use this on your itches....
Adi is so pretty especially in front of all those lovely zinnia flowers!!! I'll bet she is a wonderful therapy dog!! Beagles are sweet dogs.

I love that new 2010 red Mustang!! My neighbor has one in his garage too, but he's not happy about it! (Long story). It sure is pretty though, red with red leather seats and a glass top!

I think you should read that book "Fast Food Nation" and see what you think! It really was interesting. Cliff wasn't thrilled about it! Heehee! Got his feathers all ruffled didn't I?! Haha!! I don't recall seeing any feedlots in NE. It does talk about NE a lot in the book and I think the slaughterhouse they talk about was located in NE too. It also talks a lot about CO as well. I thought about him and Ralph while I was reading it! It may not be all true but I'll bet lots of it is.

No, I'm not becoming a health food nut. I'm just trying to be more aware and eat better. Better late than never I guess!

It was horrible about that census worker they killed. That is about 3 counties from us in SE KY. I am familiar with that county since it's close to where I was born. I'd say the poor guy saw something he shouldn't have; like someone's pot patch or meth lab. Just my opinion, but who knows. I sure hope they can solve it. Some of those people there are that way (mean and suspicious). I wouldn't want to be a census worker there..or anywhere for that matter.

Sorry this is so long Jim! Have a wonderful Sunday and say Hello to Mrs. Jim!
Jim ~ That Adi sure knows how to pick a pretty flower garden to have her picture taken in! ~ jb///
Gday Jim.. If your happy WAg your tail im Happy so is my Penny wagging her tail.. AWWWWWWW Adi. picked a pretty place near the flowers to get her photo taken.
May I borrow the first pic with the lovely flowers in the background for my Facebook album? Thank you, Dr Jim =)
oh ! oh! oh!
mr. jim, i had just begun to be giving up on adi and here she is.
i am so happy to see her and to know that she is all right.
i would so love to fly her over to canada again and maybe she can be my therapy doggie for a bit!
she is such a darling and she is my most favouite dog in the whole wide world mr. jim!
adi is really smiling in that first picture mr. jim.
thank you so much for setting my mind at rest that she is terry
I like Adi. You gotta love a creature that is happy being herself.
dear mr. jim...i was so glad to hear your voice over at my blog and don't worry ...i know how hard it is to get to everybody and you have triple the comments that i have and i can just imagine how long it takes to get to everybody,
sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, eh?
you just tell that adi hey from me too and that her auntie truly loves her...she really terry
sooo cute:)..she's a charmer:)...:)...great work there:)....
I LOVE these photos of Adi especially that first one. What a cutie! I had a feeling she's a therapy dog. I first learned of them for helping those with hearing loss (instead of only the visually impaired) when I was obtaining my degrees in those fields. Go Adi! :)

Besides working and recommending therapy dogs for folks, I think you've seen the dog portraits I paint?

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