Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hello 911, there's been a shooting here!!

Hello, this is 911, may I help you please?

Oh yes, yes, they've shot my mama!

Oh dear, you poor darling! Are you alright?

Yes, I'm fine, but my mama has been shot and is dyin'.

Where is your mama now, is somebody helping her?

She's layin' out in the street. The dog's been shot too!

Those scoundrels! We have an ambulance coming to 2131 Whippoorwill Road, is that where you are calling from.

Yes, Ma'am, but she's down the street in front of the neighbors house.

Is it far from you?

No Ma'am, just four houses down.

Good, I mean this is terrible but we will find her over there.

How about the doggy, it might be dyin' too! There's blood everywhere down there.

You didn't answer my question, is anyone there helping your mom?

Oh yes, my sisters are there holding her head and both of her hands. Brother has the doggy in his lap.

Do you think the dog will bite?

Oh no Ma'am, he's a nice doggy, he belongs to the neighbor.

Fine, I mean thank you. We will have an ambulance there for the dog too.


While I have you on the phone, do you have any idea who shot them?

Oh yes, Ma'am. I saw it all. A police lady was driving by and just up and shot them both. Lots of times, bang, bang, bang. Mama wasn't doing nothin' bad, she and the dog and the kids were playin' keep the ball and rasslin' some.

You poor dear. Are you sure you are okay? Is anyone there with you?

No Ma'am, I'm alone. I guess I'm alright but it is awful scary.

Now, ...

Just a minute, Ma'am. A sheriff just drove up. I think he will help until the ambulance gets there.

Do you ...

I sure hope he doesn't start shootin' at all of us! Eeeei!

Now, please, we will find out who it is. I am sure he will help ...

For the rest of this story, please go here: (La Marque police officer shoots woman link)

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Good grief. That's a terrible story.
Jim, up until just now I always wanted to be a cop.
Jeez, Louise.
ooo:(...tat is sooo cruel of those neighbors:(..

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