Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grandchildren -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- More pictures from Grandpa

Three Grandchildren

[large picture] [extra large]
Here we have KP, Jenna, and Meg. Missing are BP and Timothy. We will get to visit with BP on Christmas day. All five children did make it and have a very nice visit. We have a large part of our family over for the annual (most years) Christmas dinner.

Perhaps for Thursday I will put a few more pictures of their visit. I did not take very many.

KP is wondering if they aren't
supposed to be tied up instead of her?

[large picture] [extra large] [large picture] [extra large] ...............
And, "Adi, are your going to get as close as Katrin did?

Most of you know that Adi is also a grand. She is our granddog and she belongs to Karen (Adi Meme). Guess that makes her and KP and BP sisters?

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Ah, lovely. Merry Christmas to the whole Jim Bunch.
True beauties. The littlest grandkid is adorable, and no doubt, the doggies love her too!
they are beautiful! and a granddog? that's so cute! :) merry christmas!
Just have a wonderful Christmastime. I'm sure you will being surrounded by family. It's truly what makes Christmas so very special.

Have a terrific day, and a very merry Christmas to you and yours. Big hug.
How nice to have family nearby. This Christmas the man of the house, Boss and I will just have each other. You may enjoy the Christmas story I wrote.fHRT
Hahaha I agree with KP, why is the dogie not tied up lol. Your grandchildren are beautiful!

Merry Christmas, here is my RT post.
What a lovely family you have ;-)
Happy Ruby Tuesday!
Hugs and blessings,
Happily Retired Gal
Lovely grand children.

My Festive Rubies says Merry Christmas.
beautiful beautiful girls!!

I love KP's expression to Adi, that's some sideways glance

she's adorable
Hope sends hugs
beautiful kids, we are almost twins, jim, hey that rhymes but not with plauge, what i mean is that meagan and andria are beautiful like your two,, that makes us twins doesn't it??????they are 18 and 20, how old are your two?????we have seven with one on the way....i think that will be the end of it until one or two of the beauties will be married and then it all starts all over again...merry christmas jim( yi changed my whole life wit" ask jim blog", no seriously you had no edffect on me at all with youe advice....pretty inefectual with your advice jim, well merry christams and vist my hyped up drug filled santa doing an irish jib, on my blog
Lovely looking grand children
Happy Ruby Tuesday.
Mine is up: Ruby in the Snow
Aren't grandchildren wonderful. I liked the pictures. I have a picture up on my blog today of my dad's old coupe.
Your baby with dog(s) photos are just charming. They look gentle enough, even if her face isn't saying that.

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