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Slap her down again, Pa (make her tell us where she's been, Pa) -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Cars

The Ruby (Red) old cars pictures were taken at our October Early Ford V-8 Club picnic. Cars in order (down): 1957 Chevy Belair 2-door Nomad; 1934 Ford Three-window coupe (we ran one of these as a modified stock car in the 50's); 1965 Mustang; and 1935 or 36 Ford Coupe with rumble seat (closed). Click on them for larger size, change the "/s800-h/" to "/s1600-h/" in the URL for extra large .
Now for this important message:

911 operator just got this message earlier:

"Help, help. Please help me!"

911 operator: How may I help you
Caller: This lady knocked her husband out cold with an eight iron and he crashed the Navigator. He's laying on the grass out cold!
911 operator: Can you wake him up?
Caller: I don't think so, he's laying on my grass.
911 operator: This sounds like a domestic quarrel, we'll call domestic relations.

New call a few days later:

911 operator just got this yesterday: "Help, help. Please help me!"
911 operator: What seems to be the problem?
Caller: My wife is laying on the floor, I just knocked her cold.
911 operator: Why did you do that?
Caller: She was terribly drunk and came after me with a knife. I had to defend myself.
911 operator: Don't move an inch, you might hurt her worse. I'll send someone. Stay on the line.
Caller: Help, help. Please help me!
911 operator: What seems to the problem?
Caller: They've tassered me, the police tassered me, and now I'm cuffed!
911 operator: It serves you right. I can't help you any for that. I think you deserved it. I sent them.
Caller: Please, quick, I need a lawyer, my lawyer.

911 operator: Oops, they just told me that this is your one phone call. Tell the judge in the morning about things. He might let you get your lawyer.


What's wrong with these two scenes? Can you reconcile them?

Note: I have changed some of the facts and parties to protect the innocent.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I remember this old hit song on the whole family helping to raise the younger daughters. The above family violence situations reminded me of the song, popular in my younger days. This did not occur in MY family.
The song: Slap Her Down Again, Pa Lyrics at allthelyrics.com
Come here gol-darned you
Take that and that and that
That's right
Slap her down again, pa
Slap her down again
Make her tell us more, pa
Tell us where she's been
We don't want our neighbors
Talkin' 'bout our kin
Slap her down again, pa
Slap her down again
Well pa and ma were so darn sore
They woke me up one night
There was an awful cussin'
And ma said pa was right
They was awaitin' sister Bess
Who never kept her word
The sun came up as Bess came in
And this is what I heard
Now poor old Bess got so darn mad
She ran away one day
To meet that travellin' salesman
With city-skickin' ways
We ran and stood beside them though
With shotguns by our sides
Me and Deke and pa and ma
Who yelled as they came by
Why don't you
Now ma and pa, they planned for Bess
To marry Deacon Brown
And not that travellin' salesman
Who always came around
They made poor Bessie go to church
Her face was mighty red
The deacon took one look at her
And this is what he said
Oh yes, hot stuff
Well the moral of this story girls
Is don't stay out too late
Unless you take your shoes off
Outside your pappy's gate
If ma don't hear you comin' in
She won't lay down the law
And you won't have to worry
'Cause you won't see much of pa
Take that and that and that

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list of other interesting RED finds today. Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.

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The cars are cool.

The song is horrid.

I have no idea what is going on with the 911 calls -- except I doubt they're real.
I love the red cars and the guy with the red hat! Perfect!
Great old red cars! They make wonderful driving legends!
Very cool looking cars! They look terrific! Not sure about 9-1-1. When I started reading, I thought it would a Tiger joke.

...see what is in front of my house!

DEar Jim,
I love the cars.
Your jokes are never so simple as they may seem.
Makes me think twice.
That was probably the intention.
Don't let go of your eight iron!
From Felisol
The cars are great!
I know that you love Fords, and I do driveone, too. But that 1957 Nomad is stunning. I now that it's a Chevy. At least Ford outsold Chevrolet that year...

I am stumped on the 9-1-1...
Different 911 operators.
I love the Ford coupe.
Is the 911 call real...if it is real then it is not fair ^_^ But I like the red car.

Salsa and Tomato sauce
I love the red cars! These old cars would cost a fortune in Singapore.

I don't like the song. I wonder if anyone would sing it.
Hahahaha Such a funny Ruby entry lol. Nice cars too.

My Ruby Tuesday. Wishing you and your family a happy new year!
It's been a long day and I'm much too tired to even THINK about the 911 call ... just reading the text is giving me a headache. Never heard the song ... not sure I want to either, but I do love the red cars ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
I'm loving the '57 Chevy Nomad. Really! That is cool.

We had a '59 Chevy Biscayne. But it wasn't red. It was blue.

I don't understand those 911 calls. They're fake, right?
dear mr. jim...could you go to my blog and sing happy birthday for grandpaw amazing grace man ron?
mr. jim, i don't think i will be able to do ruby tuesday today but i will tell you later about that...thanks dear friend...you are always there....love terry
Hi there Jim!! Have a very happy Ruby New Year! Hope all is well with you and yours...
About the 911 calls:

If a woman knocks out a man, it's a domestic dispute--no cuffs, no taser for her. Even if she didn't do it in self-defense.

But if a man knocks out a woman, even if he claims it was in self-defense, he gets tasered and cuffed and maybe a lawyer.

Or else most 911 dispatchers are women and they take a woman's side in domestic matters.

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