Friday, January 16, 2009

Aboard the Queen Mary 2 -- Our holiday, or vacation from retirement life, Part One

This is a part of a work in progress, more will follow (I hope). Click here to read what else I have posted about our Holiday at Sea.
Days one-five of an eleven day Caribbean cruise, January 3, 2009: Travel to Miami and registering on our ship, the Queen Mary 2. You can see there was a long line. After all that I had to rest my feet.

Notice my life preserver, not that I don't know how to swim, rather, we had just finished with our drill to find and wear those preservers after assembling at our point of egress from the ship in case of emergency.

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Day 2, January 4: A day at sea. We ended with a dance in the ballroom. Full dress (formal) was required.

Day 3, January 5: Still at sea. Every day we started our day with a good meal. Most every day I had raisin bran with skim milk, a stewed fruit compost, a glass half prune juice and half cranberry, an egg over hard, two blueberry pancakes, and coffee. Besides that I had some whole wheat toast and a roll, each of which I ate some or none.

This one pictured is not my typical breakfast noted above. On day three (3) we ate at the Kings Court, a buffet. These were plain pancakes, without the blueberries.

Oh yes, I didn't gain any weight.

This is the view from our bathroom door, looking toward the window. It was a sliding glass door onto our 'bulkhead balcony.'

Later we lounged around. There aren't any pictures of me swimming in my new swim suit. We didn't get into the pool this nice day. Instead we just laid around like those others.

Mrs. Jim and I attended a bridge lesson in the morning and she played bridge with some ladies in the afternoon.

Day 4, January 6: We made it to Curacao. Mrs. Jim and I had been there at this lovely Dutch island before so we didn't take any excursions. It was nice to get our feet on the solid ground and we just walked around town where we had gone before.

First, take a look at our view of the town as we docked. The homes are all painted bright colors. This has been a tradition since early on.

We walked around until lunch time. Of course we couldn't miss any of those good ship's meals.

Mrs. Jim never gets lost. I think women have an acquired sense of getting back from where their guy took them. Warning to all women, be sure you have enough mad money to get to where you need to be.

The fishing fleet is in. In our walk to the end of the street for this photo we passed a nice fish market where a person could buy a fish just off the boats.

We didn't get any fish as we weren't sure that our cook would cook them up for us. Did you see the BBQ grill on our deck? There wasn't any.

Day 5, January 7: This day found us in Grenada. Since we hadn't been there before we took the 'Island Tour.'

To get ashore we had to tender.

Can you spot Mrs. Jim in the second picture? She says these guys are reggae singers. You couldn't prove it by me as that word wasn't in my vocabulary before.

As I said, this was a ten day cruise and we headed early for home on the eleventh day (January 13) I hope to put up something about the other five or six days soon. Then I may post more about some of our activities as (my) time permits.

I have started working on Mrs. Jim's annual performance evaluation (link). It seems to be fairly good, I thought it might.

This year I will include an examination of her body as I have noticed a few irregularities here and there.

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