Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hellen Garriot pottery -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- My most used red book

Sorry I am late. I had an appointment with my cardiologist today.
Nuclear stress test and sonogram of my abdominal and kidney arteries.
I'll be needing a stent in my artery to the left kidney.

Congratulations to daughter, Karen!
She completed in Sunday's Houston Marathon Half Marathon race.

[large picture] [extra large]

Last week I missed out on the homework of posting red books that we use in our homes. (Mary please this one time accept my late homework.) This is the one that I use most, The Teacher's Bible Commentary Edited by H. Franklin Paschall and Herschel H. Hobbs. It mentions every verse and chapter in the Bible, giving insight for Sunday school teachers.

It is fairly well used by a friend of mine, Sam L, who died this Fall. He had given it to me when they moved from their house to a multi-level-care facility. It is copyright in 1972. Sam was a man of love, I never heard him talk bad about anyone and whoever he was with at any time he treated as this person had the greatest value to him.

[large picture] [extra large]

This Sun Jar, as we call it, was made by my friends wife, Helen Garriott. She had a little studio and kiln in Seabrook, Texas (link). We also have several of her Moon Jars--See picture below (link to Garriott family post).

Helen's husband was Astronaut Owen Garriott, a SkyLab astronaut. I did a lot of training with Owen for his first space mission when I was working at NASA in Houston as a Simulation and Training Engineer. He was a heads up-asking questions-fast learner.

Owen once came to deliver a speech at our Phi Beta Lambda (national college business club fraternity) state leadership conference. At that time and several years around I was the 'club' sponsor. That also involved taking students to the National Leadership Conference where they competed in competition about business subject areas with colleges all over the U.S. We took home many prizes and were always a top scoring 'club.'

Owen and Harriet's son, Richard also went into space to visit the Space Station as a paying cosmonaut on the Russian shuttle transport. (link, same as above). Later I had his daughter in one of my business classes. It's a small world.

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of other interesting RED finds today.
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The Moon Jar:

[large picture] [super sized]

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Okay on all the testing and if it all ain't pretty then you are in my prayers starting right now. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)
Good luck on your tests, Jim. I have so much respect and admiration for people who do marathons or daily runs, they just have such discipline and determination.

That's a pretty sun jar you got there..love it! I now wonder what does the moon jar looks like. happy RT!
dear mr.jim..it would just figure that you favourite red book would be a sunday school teacher's teaching book. it sounds like a real treasure with every chapter and verse in the bible explained and it IS a real treaure because it was given to you by such a dear friend who is now learning more and more these days at the feet of the lord jesus.
i suppose that we will never stop learning more and more about the saviour not even in heaven!
god bless you dear mr. jim...love terry
I put your kidney on my prayer list -- oh, and you with it. ;)

And congrats to your daughter.
Good luck on your medical tests, Jim. You are in really great shape, I'd say, considering you are 108 (I learned that on your profile).

The sun jar has some lovely detail work. And the moon jar is cool too.
Interesting info about the potter and her family.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great RT.
My son used to run in marathons too...so, congrats goes out to your daughter.

Jim, I can't help but covet that painting of the cougar!!

My Ruby Tuesday is HERE. Do come join me if you can find time today.
Open the red book,
read words of wisdom, let them
guide your life’s journey.

Torrent of poinsettias!
Blessings to you and your upcoming procedure! Love your Ruby Tuesday photo--the book and the sun jar (is that what you called it?) That jar is beautiful!
Congratulations Karen!

Sharing my son's 3rd birthday
thank you for your early morning visit mr. jim but you and hootin' anni are just way too cruel!
you have gone a golfing on a nice day and that anni is strollin' the sea shore and like i told her, we are freezing...golf?..ha! beaching? ha!...not a bit of it in southern ontario until may at least!!...love terry

ps..oh mr. jim, i just love magical mystical teacher's little poem..that lady is a wonder!
three peoloplepe i avoid, cardiologists, mechanics, and plumbers
Nice to read about your friend Sam and the connection to the book. Good luck with your own health.

The moon jar is quite interesting.
Dear Jim,
Aren't you a man of many skills and interests?
I'm impressed.
I also lie the way you set your priorities.
The worn Sunday School teacher's Bible first.
Then your daughter's achievements.
You are too modest when you talk about your past in NASA/Huston.
It must have been some exiting and memorable years.
Imagine to be a part of world history!
Also like the art you present, the moon jar in particular.
I wish you good luck with your health program. Seems you have to many blocked arteries. I've heard about stunt men, I fear you'll become the stent man. Do you become medicine to open the blocked arteries as well?
I hope so and pray for the best.
From Felisol
Better late than never, right? Now I'm feeling guilty that I didn't 'make up' the RED BOOK assignment with my Ruby Tuesday post today ... but not so much that I'm likely to DO anything about it. Hope all goes well with your health ... you'll be in my prayers (108, eh? I used to tell my students I was 107 whenever they asked).
Hugs and blessings,
A really lovely post Jim!
The sun jar and moon jar are wonderful pieces.
Your daughter is to be commended for her achievement - applause!
Prayers for your stent placement.

Have a great week Jim!
A well read book that is treasured by the reader is a fine ruby. The book of learning regarding the Bible is a treasure. The jar is a stunning design, a wonderful centerpiece to any table!
congrats to Karen, well done!

your book photo is beautifully composed

I will be thinking of you and your tests

as always Hope sends hugs to KP
Congratulations, Karen. What a wonderful accomplishment.

Jim, I'll be praying for your health.

I absolutely LOVE your sun jar. It is beautiful.

I left a message for you at Doug's.
What a great gift to remember your friend by. That book is twice valuable.
I love the pottery. It has a look all its own.
Will pray for you and your health problems.

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