Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Our pear trees are blue today — MidWeek Blues — My breakfast plan finalized

It's a blue day for those ornamental pear trees. They are beginning to set on blooms. Since we are in for some sub-freezing temperatures this weekend those buds will fall of next week. That has happened before and they grow new buds that blossom. So please don't be too disappointed.

Too, it has been a just plain blue day before our coming cold spell. The sun didn't even come out at all today.

[large picture] [extra large]

[large picture] [extra large]

Just to make sure you'd believe me.

[large picture] [extra large]

On to the breakfast plan. It seems to be working.
A little weight is coming off. Of course I
should exercise more, like walking
when the weather warms up.
Or bicycle.

[large picture] [extra large] [large picture] [extra large]
This is a plan be breakfast. We still will have the breakfast taco bit but this is much faster. Note I said 'we' as if Mrs. Jim isn't hungry for the taco I will have cereal plus.

On the right I start with raisin bran, a few mini wheats and some banana with skim milk poured over.

On the left you see the second course. It is four or five dried prunes and 'other.'
Other here is a couple of sardines (since this first trial breakfast I cut back to one sardine) with low fat soda crackers.
Other could also be a hard boiled egg, some ham, or other meat I find as leftover in the refrigerator.

[large picture] [extra large]

These breakfast Lean Pockets come in handy, especially on Sundays when I am trying to hurry. Then I would have one.

During the week I might eat one or a half one with some fruit or cereal.

I know you are tired of seeing my breakfast. So if there isn't a story or travel or something else associated with them you won't be seeing them anymore. Unless I come up with something new and/or different.

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Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE, you don't have to write.

Answer to Tuesday's quiz (below):
The nutcracker wearing the fur black fez was made in Germany.

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I believed you about the new buds. Happens here too. Usually in February the bugs start popping out. I know it's close to spring then and that makes me really happy.

I love your posts about food. The cereal really looks good. I like food. I don't eat very much food and not any fattening food, and that's why I like people to talk about food. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Actually I'm really enjoying reading about your breakfasts (call me odd but I am) It's helping me plan and balance my own breakfasts (because apparently my creativity has it's limits and they are planning meals that arent the same day in and day out, who knew?) And yes I am googling the breakfast thing, I plan on blogging about it on one of my blogs (I even started a cooking blog in inspiration of the whole food thing.... that and I saw Julia and Julia and LOVED it, but am not quite ready to cook my way through a big cookbook..) Ok now I'm rambling.... time to get my butt to bed, keep us posted on the breakfast ideas, seriously it's a good read and helpful!!
And thanks for clarification on the buds I was totally feeling sorry for the poor tree for a second there lol

Yippee, so happy they will get new buds, otherwise I WOULD be disappointed for you and the tree.

I like the breakfast plan...I should get into gear as I need to shed a few...oh ok, ten or so pounds. But yesterday I was upset and ate a box of chocolates...that is not going to help at all. Things are better today.

Thanks for posting...I think 8 links is an all time high for Midweek Blues. Every time I think I should retire midweek blues something happens to keep me going!
Glad your sticking with the breakfast.
I still have not got the whole breakfast thing going. I noticed that you said you were pulling for Texas. Well, I have 2 words for you Mr. Jim: ROLL TIDE!!!! :)
I think for the first time in my life I'll be rooting for Texas tonight.
Go Big 12.
That tree of yours wouldn't be shooting anything if it were up here.
Sardines for breakfast? Good idea.
I've had fried fish and eggs for breakfast before but never sardines and crackers.
hasn't that fridgid stuff hit you in texas yet?????48 in florida for their bowl ggame, as far as i am concerned, the number 1 team in the world is boise state, unbitten as of yet, ohle rhymesee has all the bowl games spelled out on his blag, and i have stopped blagging again, but am making up for it by commenting comment on my comments, i just don't know what to say unless i tqlk about my birds in my snow
For the first time in my life I'll be rooting for Texas tonight (too).
I never root for Alabama, well not since Bear Bryant once told our coach he wouldn't play Nebraska because he had nothing to gain!!!

Generally I don't converse here much with commenters. I prefer to hit up their sites pretty soon after they leave a commnet.
In fact I root against Alabama. Not that I hold a grudge, I'm just sayin'.
Hi Jim ~~ Glad you are sticking with the breakfast and you have some nice
ideas for variety. I am also glad the pear trees bud a second time.
It seems you are having a VERY cold
spell. We are having the opposite
four days 40C which is 104F and up to 42C, which is 107.6F. So I will be lying low and staying indoors and complaining.
I agree the 60s are not elderly, but the 70s sure feel elderly to me. Take care, my friend,Very
Best Wishes, Merle. can keep the sardines, thank you. I would much rather eat the cereal and the bananas.
Looks like more frosted mini wheats than raisan I think I would have a hard time eating sardines for breakfast...Each to his
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Your omelets and tacos look wonderful. Smoked salmon is a good for breakfast,too.

Happy belated birthday to Mrs. J. Your family pic with KP, Adi and Katrin is beautiful.

BTW, how's the job market in Texas? We're ready to move to a more moderate zone.
Well Jim, Alabama can be glad Texas didn't have their quarterback or they'd have been pounded.
At least now we know who has the best defense in the country and it's now Alabama.
Alabama would have put up a goose egg against Nebraska.
Don't find Janell a job, we want her in Nebraska.
What a BEAUTIFUL clear blue sky behind your lovely budding tree. Thanks for the close ups, but I did believe you. I enjoy seeing the delicious healthy meals you're choosing and those lovely blue and white dishes too. Thanks for dropping by my second Midweek Blues at Small Reflections. Glad you enjoyed my expected sunrise photos. I'd love to see pictures from Galveston when you have time to share. As for my Nikon D60 ... it's just in the shop for annual cleaning and adjustment so I should have it back soon. Yesterday my sister let me use HER camera to document tamale making and I plan to share those photos sometime soon ... probably at Sacred Ruminations because I've not posted there for a while. That reminds me ... thanks for the 'welcome back' on my WINGS OSI post. I hope to keep myself participating more regularly again.
Hugs and blessings,
The sky is so blue. It's so lovely, Dr Jim =)

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