Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adi Beagle Dog, Sister — MidWeek Blues — Happy Days

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Adi is happy. She is used to posing for her best pictures but this one is unposed.

And why is she happy? Look down on the page.

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And my sister, Lois (link), is happy. Seems there is always a little job that somehow just waits for her.

Lois and husband, Jim W, are visiting their daughter's family who live south of here. Also getting away from the colds of the Iowa plains. Isn't their timing wonderful? I am glad they could spend a couple of days with us.

Lois' grandson is playing in a school basketball tournament this week. And her granddaughter is performing at a college basketball game.

My brother-in-law, Jim W, did not bring his golf clubs this time. It may be that the only day warm or dry enough was this Monday but we didn't go. We cancelled the Tuesday tee time because it rained Monday night.
Oh yes, the bear. It is almost new but Adi tore a hole in the neck playing 'bear' (YouTube link). I put it in a sack so no more stuffing would get loose and put it on the shelf.
Funny how I remembered that I had put it up there while Lois was here.

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Our dog weighs about 90 pounds. That poor bear wouldn't stand a chance. Just saying. I loved the video.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
You just happened to remember it when Lois was there? I don't think so!
Does Lois have any kids in California. A bunch of Walela's toys could use a patch,
Lois is a good sister and a wonderful aunt to Adi. Adi is of course adorable.

bless Lois for saving that bear's life ;)

I love Adi's face, just love it
she always looks like she knows a secret
Adi is a cute, so glad she has her bear back again.
Adi has her Teddy Bear back, how sweet. Lois is a wonderful doggie Aunt.
Good to see Lois looking and doing well.
Give them my regards.
Did you say "Darnit Lois?"
Do you and sis Lois need a good pair of snow shoes? I have no need of them this winter. Cute Adi ... the best pic I've seen of her
Love this photo of Adi. She's so cute.
will you be my valentine adi?
you KNOW how i love you!
happy valentines day from your canadian auntie terry..XXXXX

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