Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ides of February — Ruby (Red) Tuesday — Red excitment in fifteen days

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Today (February 15, post dated the 16th) I'm running a sampling of the red in my life since February 1. This is my great niece, Mandi holding our youngest grandchild, KP (link), who is seven months old this Tuesday. My sister, Lois from Iowa, is visiting us and this is her daughter. For the particular, one of the kitchen staff in the background has a red hat.

I never blogged about Mandi and Chris's wedding because we didn't go. They opted to be married in Hawaii and that holiday didn't fit our summer schedule that year. We did go to Mandi's mom's wedding way back when, in Iowa.

When the newly weds Mandi and Chris returned from Hawaii they had a very nice reception for family and friends.
(February 14)

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Not a real big deal, but the 2010 edition of my favorite phone book, pictured on the right, is out.

Nice features are the numbers for the local SS office and for our post office. Most have only 1-800 ones for these. There are coupons in the back, mostly for restaurant. We don't use many of those.
(February 12)

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"I'll have a small chocolate Frosty and a crispy chicken sandwich without mayonnaise, please."

The Frosty came in the medium size and the sandwich had more mayo than the law allowed. It did make my senior discount, ten percent, come to four cents more.

Note that I put barbecue sauce on the normally dry sandwich. Much better and less calories than the mayo.
(February 1)

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We attended the Conroe Symphony performance. It really wasn't dedicated to Valentine's Day which I had supposed. The theme was movie and stage production songs. From the movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean (link), they played the theme by Klause Dadelt.

The director was surprised to see the percussion section wearing their red pirate head dress. Two them are pictured here, one had sneaked in his parrot.
(February 8)

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Lois and husband, Jim W, stayed at our house a week ago Sunday and Monday nights.

Mrs. Jim cooked a really nice breakfast on Monday morning. For Tuesday we all went up to the club for a breakfast brunch buffet.

It runs in the family, neither Lois nor I hardly ever miss a meal. Left to right, Mrs. Jim (red sweater), Lois, Jim W, and me (Jim H).
(February 9)

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The last picture's story is in the Black and White, Texas State Highway Patrol, act of stopping this truck on the Interstate (I-45) for a violation. The red is in the red and blue flashing emergency light.

Most likely it was stopped for driving in the left hand lane. In Texas the left hand lane is for driving, the right is for passing. If traffic is real heavy those going about 60 mph drive in the left lane, the right is for 80 mph and higher.
(February 10)

So be careful when you come to Texas.

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Texas offers lots of reds, and we are happy that you showed us a few. A lovely child, and mom too - the family is lovely. Wendy's is fine, a ruby everywhere you look. I would imagine that even tho you like to drive fast. I am sure that you avoid the Highway Patrol the best you can!
I like Wendy's. I can't help it. In midwestern winters, there chili is just right.
Good work, capturing little bits of Ruby goodness here and there. I like that! Hope all is well with you, Jim.

Tink *~*~*
So many nice pictures. Your great niece Mandy and your grandchild KP are really good looking. You must be proud.
Have a great day/
Ulla and Brian, Sweden
That's a lot of red for sure. I'm hungry for that sandwich now, without the mayonnaise too.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Your family is beautiful but you all sure love your food.

; )

I like The Who (the group) although their current act during the Super Bowl made me cringe.

In my story, though, I was referring to the Who as in Horton Hears A...

So if you wish to make a right hand turn, you have to do it from the left hand lane or while passing? That's brilliant, Texas!
I always love babies and red sweaters
The grandbaby is a doll and that parrot really caught my attention. It's beautiful and I bet a great talker.
You managed to get bits of red in each photo. So they all qualify for RT. ;-)

Beautiful photo of your great-niece and your granddaughter.
I knew it. I just knew it. I haven't stopped by in awhile and I thought to myself, "I'll bet Jim has a picture of food on one his most recent posts."

And you did. This one! Now I'm hungry.

Great pictures, and hope all is well!
KP is such an adorable young fella!

Celebrated it with Dad
Is that really how lanes goes in Texas?

Our doctor's appointment
i'm a Wendy's fan. Both girls in the first photo are looking good! thanks for sharing.
Your grandchild is just so adorable!!! And give me a Wendy's Vanilla Frosty any time!!!!!

10 ALBUM COVERS = =scroll below my Tuesday's Heads or Tails meme to find my Ruby Tuesday.

Have a great day!!
great bits of red in each shot Jim

and so many pretty smiling faces

Hope sends hugs to KP

as for my adventure - I was at the right place, the receptionist was a very confused young woman
Wow, Jim, this is a great idea, following all the REDs in your life for 15 days! Great captures! Love the pix of the people in your life! :)
wow what a great series of photos :) love the first one! so cute!

u may view mine here
i have done a tribute on my grandkids, dan my boy and now nd now my grand dad ernest and you have done one on your newest grand and now mandy, is there anyone in any of the families left to do?????????also if i ever come to TEXAS i wqill need to see lucy tooooooooo
I'm a Texas girl transplanted to Georgia :) Happy Ruby Tuesday
Thanks for taking us through your February Jim!
That grandbaby is so cute!!
There's always a lot going on in your life.
Grandchild KP sure is growing fast, and such a lovely girl.
Your eating reports always manage to make me hungry.
I'm putting on weight by the mere sight of all this food.
And a good week-end for all of you.
From Felisol

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