Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My two Valentines -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- So?

So far these are the only two cards I have received.

I won't be going to the first party, it is a four hour drive from my home.

Nor will I go to the second one. I have been to one of these before, it will be interesting, some friends will be there, the food will be good, and the speaker will not put you to sleep. But we have made prior arrangements.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list
of other interesting RED finds today.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there

You had better hurry to invite me to your party,

my calendar is filling fast!


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I'm not having a party, but you and Mrs. Jim are welcome to come for dinner. Just saying.

Have a terrific day and a very Happy Valentine's Day. Big hug. :)
At least you got real invitations. I got what looked like a valentine with the words from a secret admirer on the envelope. Turned out to be an add fror Dodge.
Thanks for your kind comment on my Sunday blog.
Well, Jim, my party as always is on my blog. You are welcome any time.
wow!! flu shots for valentines day!! that might be the most romance I'd have all year
are the doctors cute? LOL

something tells me all you and Mrs Jim need for a good Valentines Day is each other
Like all events, you are so honored that you were invited. Alas, sending regrets on our not attending is okay, it is the thought that conts!
no V-day party for me, either. the traffic would be so bad, the restaurants full, I'd rather stay home and cook something special.:p
looks like you have a valentine's day :) Have fun!! My RT is here.
Enjoy the party Sir Jim and be safe.

Valentine's Boxes
I hope you have a wonderful V-Day!
My dad got an invitation from the Senior Citizen group over here but my Dad quit doing that long time ago lol. Goodluck and enjoy!

Valentine's Cupid
We aren't having a party, but you and the Mrs. feel free to come by for dinner on the 14th.
happy valentines dear mr. and mrs. jim.
it will be no different than any of your other days.
you two are such a perfect example of how people who love each other should treat one another...god bless you..EVERY day of the year!..love terry
You're invited to the party at our church run by our youth. It's the 14th and only $5. I'll pay your way.
Congrats on a successful medical procedure. I'm glad the area in the photo was limited.
I guess it's a good thing they make everyone put phones in those elevators. But I'm sure they were using their own cells.
I hope it's golf weather down there. It isn't up here.
My internet connection has been bad for over 10 days now. They've made it impossible to check blogs. For some reason it's working this morning so here I am.
I've got a county board meeting this AM so gotta go. Stay warm.
You are a very popular fellow. I haven't received any invitations but then again most people already know I don't accept them anyway.

awww looks like you are pretty booked on vday :)

u may view mine here
Wow that would be fun though!! Love the colors too ^_^

No invitations for me, and don't tell but my last name is Valentine. I tend to lay a little low this time of year.
Happy Valentine's, Jim! I'm not having a party, but if I were, you'd be invited!

I like your six-word Saturdays and mid-week blues posts and links. I might have to get in on those. It would give me something to post about other than the snow

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