Thursday, February 04, 2010

On My List — MidWeek Blues — My 1500th Post

The Plastic Surgery List: (well, it is a blue list)

[large picture] [extra large]
Out of a hundrded women asked, these are the most wanted items.

What is on your list, plastic surgery wise?

- - - - - -

When plastic surgeons check out at a grocery store,
I wonder if they ever choose paper?

I checked tonight -- this is my 1500th post

(for this blog)
had I known earlier it would have been better

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did. .
Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE, you don't have to write.

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I don't want any of those procedures. I'm happy just the way I am.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I am happy the way I am too...but sometimes I imagine my cheeks a little higher like they were 10 years ago! Ha ha...but not enough to go through surgery for it.
I, on the other hand, will take everything except the last one.
Those doctors can operate on plastic all they want, but they'd best stay away from me.

(They do operate on plastic you know. Just check, I bet they made your credit card a lot thinner.)
Congratulations on 1500. I think I want a vocabulary augmentation.
happy 1500!!

that list made me laugh
and shake my head
Jim, You are not going to offend me with your comments... We are still friends...
I will take one of each. Nah. Changed my mind.

13 Characters from Rose and Prince Brendan
Oops. And congratulations on your blogging milestone.

13 Characters from Rose and Prince Brendan
talking about offending people on your blog, i am into a realy stir fry over at bob wit's blog, sissy is involved, loren christei says she is staying out of it evim[[en dear from jiim deaer,s little blog was contimplating my demise, jea] i am bald. is their any procedeure for that and my teeth need work and even with a dentist in the family i am not up to par, but i do have my angioplasys, and my diabetic coma now behind me, what else?????
dear mr. jim...i would say leave well enough alone!
i like sandee's and rebecca'a comments...
congratulations mr. jim on your 1500th and why in tarnation didn't you feature adi on it?...not nice!
love terry
If I knew I'd be ok and I had the money - maybe. :)

Loved the plastic surgeon question.
Have a great weekend Jim!
I prefer paper! The funniest sight in Hollywood was when Meg Ryan had her lips enhanced. She couldn't close her lips all the way .. her teeth showed .. making her look rather bunnyish. No thank you, I'd rather age naturally .. gray hair and all.

Congrats on your 1500 post!
Hi Jim ~~ Congrats on 1500 posts - well done. That is a lot of posts.
I sure do not want to have any
procedures done. It is bad enough when you have to have operations.
Chocolate is poison to dogs, as you must know.
Thank you for your concern and prayers for good health. I still have very swollen feet and it isn't the heat. Dr said heart or kidneys or both. I see him again on Thursday and hopefully will have a change of meds to fix things. I really liked the Last Post, but Jack K says it is false.
Our weather is staying in the low 30s this week so that is better.
I hope you are not where the big freeze is over there. Take care,
my friend, Regards, Merle.

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