Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A big mess Ruby (Red) Tuesday — Two messes

Quiz Answer: (for last Friday's post)
The cars below are a 1936 Ford and a 1934 Ford, both coupes.

My sister, Lois (previous posts), is a messy person but this is ridiculous. Her husband, Jim W, had to call her upstairs to see what in the world she was doing. That was a couple of weeks ago while they were visiting us and staying up there in the guest bedroom.
Lois couldn't figure out what had happened, she swore (not literally) that she had everything put away nice and neat.

[large print] [extra large]

[large print] [extra large] [large print] [extra large]

Oh yes, the real culprit!
Who could believe such a sweet thing could do all this damage?

[large print] [extra large]

Katrin's other adventures of getting into things (link).
She's a mess too!
I guess next to chocolate she likes chewing gum.
We think she had five or six sticks.
Katrin ate the red in the second picture—can you prove she didn't?

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how many stair steps did the dog miss before she finally came down?
Oh, btw, Our country school was just about 1.5 miles west of the end of our lane.
That dog is going to need dental work if it doesn't lay off the sweets!
Oh, that silly, cute puppy.

Mad Hatter
That's gonna be a long walk ahead of you.

It sure wasn't Adi. Beagles are blessed with expressive eyes that do all the plundering for them.
Dogs can sure cause some havoc can't they. Bwahahahahaha. This is just too cute.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
OH OH! Busted!! Caught in the act. ;-)
hehe, having owned a doggie, I had guessed! Thanks for the laugh, Jimbo.
And I thought it might be you playing a trick on her. :)
Cute post Jim!

Hope you're having a good week.
Cute post. She's a mischievous one, eh?

Happy Ruby Tuesday on Monday, Jim!
At least she didn't eat my money. And, who has the messiest office in our family?
LOL....but such a sweet culprit, right? You can't help but love 'em.

Here is MY R T If you come visit...scroll down below my Heads or Tails entry to find my Ruby Tuesday. :o)
"Katrin ate the red in the second picture" - ha ha! What a little sneak. A cute one, too.
Katrin caught red handed?
I'm glad to see she hasn't taken a fancy to green Abe Lincolns.
You are justified in blaming the poor, sweet, innocent, angelic dog! This time, anyway!
What gave her away? Was she blowing bubbles?
Such cute little dog can do such damage..wow:)
she was just trying to help unpack!! LOL
Cute, but naughty doggie!
LOL at least the dog is cute :) Happy Ruby Tuesday
Cute dog, funny pics!
Jim ~
Of all the things this could remind me of... it reminds me of the time my wife's great great aunt (who was about 100 at the time) noticed that one of our sons was chewing gun and she asked for a stick. My oldest son quickly gave her with a stick of Wrigley's which she immediately stuck in her mouth wrapper and all. ~ jb///
whehehe naughty cute lil pup!

u may view mine here
jim this one was too funny..

sorry to have kept comments off...i just wanted to talk and talk and not listen..

it won't happen again..

NASA ? my lord!! i know a rocket scientist! yeah!
Oh, Katrin... bad doggie...
BTW; your duck pic below would fit right in at our family blog. :)
And your niece doesn't look old enough to have grandchildren. Are you sure that's not her child?
Hi Jim, you have the prompt this upcoming week and I wrote a couple of pieces for "running". This one is song lyrics. I will be traveling next week down in ol' Mexico. I was thinking of you after I wrote this. I hope all is well. My best, Rob

Good thing the puppy is cute. :)

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