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Homeless in America — MidWeek Blues —

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What is the dog doing now, on the right? . .... . . [large picture] [extra large]
This is a sad picture for me. I was on my way into our local H.E.B. store in Conroe, Texas, yesterday when I was confronted by this scene.

Right away I said, "oh yes, a homeless fellow has gone shopping for some groceries and has left all of his possessions outside in and on the cart."

That isn't too unusual, Conroe is the county seat of Montgomery County, Texas, which is the home of about a thousand homeless people. At least half live in Conroe. Texas had 39,671 homeless back in 2007 before the bust, 16,395 were veterans (link). 42% had no shelter to sleep in. [Exact statistics for our county I don't have, Houston had 15,000 homeless (link) and Conroe is the next major town north of Houston.]

What was unusual to me was the dog. He appeared well fed and to show for it there was an unopened sack of dog food in the cart. And a nice doggy carrier kennel (Adi has one of those) was strapped to the back of the cart.

The suitcase on the bottom probably held a wardrobe for this fellow. I see he had a nice cooler, a Little Igloo like one we have, strapped to the rear. His bed, a tent for four was strapped to the other side along with his bicycle.

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Now to what is going on with the dog. It has turned its head, probably to rest. Possibly to avoid any interaction with me. .
What is nice, and so sweet, is that the dog has rested its head on a toy bear. A plush little WalMart type Teddy like Adi has and loves. (link) Click on the extra large button above to see this aspect.
Looking at that dog made me want to rescue it. In fact, if I could have, I would have rescued both the owner and the dog.

I am now surmising about the owner.

It is a he, could be a she, who has recently become homeless. Most of the items on the cart are in good shape, almost like new. It is like the person has gotten out of the Army or prison and has spent his last few dollars on necessary items for him and the dog.

My guess is a recently unemployed male who has lost his home and car and possibly has lost a wife or lover. Now it is just the dog and him living on whatever he could salvage from a previous life. Whether or not he can keep these possessions depends on survival skill and friendships. It is a jungle out there with a bad guy behind almost every bush.

When I came out of the store the cart was gone. I did have some food for the owner and dog which would now make it home with me. When I left to go into the store after taking the pictures, a lady had come up and was feeding the dog something. They had become friends for a moment.
I wonder how they make the night? And tonight? Tomorrow? I hope God blesses them greatly, it seems they will be needing that.

It is your turn to guess who the owner is, please tell me what you think in a comment you will leave below. You can tell about the dog too.

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Perhaps it was just a teenager running away from home.

However, in case it wasn't -- or maybe even if it was -- I said a prayer.
A heart-wrenching story and scene.
We can only hope they survive the jungle out there. God bless them both.
I wonder how the owner manages the cart and the bike. What a handful that must be. I did read that this economy has given us a glut of dogs in the pounds. Sad.
This is so sad, although I do think there are worse cases than this one. The dog looks well cared for and most of the stuff in and on the cart are as good as new. Still. It's sad. Makes me reflect on how happy I am to have a decent roof above my head.
Homeless people make me cry.
n our society of abundance it's just disgraceful and unChristan to allow such things to happen.
Our Lord commanded us to share.
"He who has two robes, give one to hm who has none."
Not empty words from our Master.

With the war veterans; I find it even worse.
They have given everything to serve their country.
We know from long time experience professional literature and science,and that the worst wounds after a war will never heal.
(They may heal if properly treated).
I cry for the young, idealistic soldiers, I cry for their mothers (and fathers), offering the treasure of their lives for their country, repaid with...nothing.

I pray for the man and his dog.
May God give him a life worth living. May some have mercy.
From Felisol
P.S. Thank you, Jim, for taking those photos, giving the man a "face", and me thoughts and responsibility.
The dog was probably a mortgage broker.

Nice post.
I love that you wanted to rescue them both, bless you for that

I used to work in a homeless shelter and the number of veterans and families was astounding and heartbreaking
I've seem scenes like that around here as well. It does make you sad.
I see a lot of this here too. Last time I was in San Francisco there was a couple trying to sell their dog. The dog was sleeping on his lap. I so felt for that dog. Here the dog loved them, but they were trying to sell him. Lots of that going on here.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
It has been said that most of us are truly only "a few steps from being homeless." It is mindboggling what can happen with circumstances and tears my heart to shreds.

Jim, your account is so tender. Scenes like that, smack in your face, sure wake a person up to the facts. Whoever it is, has my best wishes for a safe and better life.
Sad. But well expressed Jim. Nicely done post.
Without the safety net of generational families, I suppose in hard times more people end up in shelters and on the street. This is a good reminder to be thankful each day ... and, perhaps, volunteer some time at the local food bank or offer provisions for a struggling family through the church.
Homelessness is just so heartbreaking. And there are so many reasons for it.

Sean the Vampire
That's so sad Jim. I hope his story has a happy ending. Too bad you couldn't have seen the person and talked with them to find out what was going on.

We only have a couple of homeless people here (they have a place to sleep paid for by a wealthy Christian gentleman), but they choose to live like they do. They have been offered jobs but they do not want to work. They have been here for about 2 years now. They also have a couple of dogs. Sad isn't it? I think they are brother and sister.

Not me! I'd be going door to door begging to work. The thought of being homeless scares me! I don't think I'd survive out there.

I feel so sad for the truly homeless ones that sleep in boxes or on benches or anywhere they can. They say lots of the homeless also have mental problems.

A good post Jim and a great reminder for us to be thankful that we do have a home. Sometimes it's easy to take these things for granted.
Hi Jim ~~ A sad story,but let's hope they found a better place in life.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes, and thanks for the cartoons you sent me.
I am waiting to get the results of the echo-cardiogram before I go to a
specialist. I don't think the blonde in my joke was playing Hide & seek,
she'd been with the husband and caused his supposed heart attack.
That's my impression anyway.
Take care, my friend, Regards,Merle.
dear is indeed a sad and serious post.
it is way too much this homeless problem going on. we don't see a whole lot of it in our area, but there is a lot of it going on in toronto.
i think that the guy or gal whoever owned that dog really did look after it well.,he or she would be heart broken if the doggie came up missing.
you are such a kind hearted man mr.jim and so was that lady that gave the dog a little treat.
we need more people like you and her in this cruel world.
god bless wonder everyone loves you so terry
This was a great post! Not only did you see the plight and feel compassion, not only did you purcahse items to share, but you also noted the good care the owner was providing for his/her dog, that even in having so little taking care of another was priority. So often that is true, it is those of us with much who so often forget to care.

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