Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MidWeek Blues -- Some blue at the fair

We went to the County Fair at Brenham, Texas, on September 17 of this year (2010). It was a nice fair with a very fine rodeo.

Today I'm posting a few of the rodeo pictures. "Another day" I will post some pictures of the other things happening at the fair. Click on my pictures to make them larger.

From top left: a wonderful bull riding contest; one of the horseback riding exhibitions, this one being all ladies carrying plenty of American flags; and another picture of the ladies with the new red Dodge pickup supplied by the local Dodge dealer. The pickup would be put to use ferrying items in and out of the arena.

From left to right: son, Tim; from Paris, France, Corinne; Mrs. Jim, and me. Corinne was visiting the U.S. and wanted to see cowboys and bull riding at a rodeo. We hope she had a good impression of Texas and our country.

A friendly native took this one for us. When on holidays I love to get the residents or other friendly tourists to take a group shot for me.

I liked this view of the Ferris wheel appearing above the bleachers. Everyone over there in the carnival area seemed to be enjoying themselves. Midweek blues purists, please note the pretty blue florescent light emitting from the spokes of the wheel.

A rodeo is not complete without some clowns. There are three kinds of clowns. The one on the left, in uniform, has as his main duty to please the audience. He would alternate between being in the audience and down in the arena. This fellow also had running commentaries which involved the announcer.

On the left is the real 'worker clown.' This one helps in the arena by scaring the bulls away from the dismounted rider, helping herd cattle, catching runaway horses, etc. He wasn't a showoff or the likes, just steadily did his duties.

The other kind of clown is an amateur. A wannabe clown. He is present in a lot of public places making jokes and drawing attention to himself.

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Monday, October 11, 2010


Alone for No. 15. Maven knew where to stash his gun.

Next, get off at Rumney Station for her car.

It would be nice to finish the job.

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