Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kid's doings — Six Word Saturday — My doings

"Wish I were there" -- Disney Cruise

Kid's Doings:

The London kids are headed out for a Disney Cruise. They picked it up this morning at Barcelona and will be having fun for a nice week.

I won't cry because I'm not going. They did invite us to come along. We would have loved to have seen KP when she runs into all the Disney characters for her first time.

She loves them all as you can see. Minnie Mouse has become her favorite. Her outfit is a Minnie Mouse trolley carry on suitcase (loaded with her stuff), a Minnie Mouse doll, Minnie Mouse ears and hat, and last of all Minnie Mouse flip-flops which she isn't wearing in this picture.

[read about their upcoming cruise on Karen's blog (link)]

My Doings:

My knee is healing nicely. I go to a one hour therapy session three days in a week in town (Montgomery). This was for the last two weeks and one more next week. Then I slow down to two times a week for three more. At that time I should not require any more therapy.

This Thursday I see Dr. Price for an evaluation and an update on my progress. I only have minor questions for him.

Oh yes, Monday I will drive myself to therapy. I drove last night to a Sunday school class party here in the neighborhood and all went well. Mrs. Jim drove home because it was dark.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tinker had a problem last night. He became very frantic when Bill tried to put him away with the toys.

Diagnosis was a broken neck.

Moral of the story: If you act like a 'Tinker Toy' be prepared to suffer the consequences.

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