Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Memes -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions -- Flags and Flowers


Thirteen flags have flown over Texas. Here are replicas for them in a circle row. Each flag in this Conroe, Texas, mini park is explained in a plaque on a pedestal below the flag. We must remember that Texas was a part of the Louisiana Purchase and also had won it's freedom as a nation from the Republic of Mexico.
Conroe is the county seat of our Montgomery County. Stands to reason then that the Montgomery Country Library System would have the Central Library in Conroe. I'm telling that because this little park is at the end of the parking lot for the library.
This Freedom Fighter Texian is typical of the soldiers who fought in our Texas Revolution to be free from Mexican rule. You can read about that on the plaque. Just click on it a couple of times to make it large enough to read.
The little hill leading up to the flags the flags are covered with Texas Blue Bonnets, our state flower. The picture on the lower left has a couple of Indian Paint Brush flowers which are also very common here, mingling in with the Blue Bonnets.
For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
Last week we answered questions about using our pets and the feeding of them. The bonus question was about having your pets sleep in bed with you. Several did have these pets for guests while sleeping. Some of the pets left after an hour or so retiring to the floor. Seems cats like to cuddle and stay around.

My Two Questions for this week:
1. Tell about a little park that you like to visit.

2. Should cities close some of their parks due to poor economy and lack of funds for nice things like parks? Why or why not do you say this?
My thinking is that when things are tight we need parks to relax and recreate where we can do that and help keep our own budget in line.

..e. .
Bonus Question: Do any of your parks make a display of your state flower? What is your state flower? Tell a bit your parks and flowers?
Mrs. Jim once gave me a Golden Rod plant which is the state flower of my birth state, Nebraska. It was to put in our flower bed as a display of wild flowers with a purpose. Those golden rods spread so fast that to this day they keep cropping up. The grow faster, easier, and better in Texas than they do in Nebraska.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012


"Why," Lilly complained, "must we white hairs bathe every day but the others don't?"

"We have tempestuous love lives" bragged Big Sister..

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