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Friday, September 20, 2013

A Random Five post [018] — Feline Friday — Venice to Athens via the Black Sea [002 Split, Croatia]

My five things today

One: My cat find for today was from the "Events & Exhibits" section of my new read, the October issue of Saudi Aramco World magazine (link for on-line edition)(the cat is the print edition only).  Saudi Aramco is a petroleum company with offices here in Houston, Texas, and in Saudi Arabia.

This one has been in the Brooklyn (U.S.) Museum since 1937.  It dates back to around to 305-30 BC.  You can read more about it by clicking on the left hand picture above.  Back then the cats were used to keep the mice, rats, etc, away from their grains and homes.
Two:  I have started back to playing golf now that it has cooled a bit down to the lower 90's.  Tuesday I played with a group of men from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class.  I am the oldest who plays, oldest by two months.
This was animal day on the course.  Besides these deer we saw three other deer, two turtles on a log, a black snake with yellow spots, and a lot of cranes an
other birds.  But only this picture to show for it. 
Oh yes, tomorrow morning Mrs. Jim and I will play on one of our courses here if we are ahead of the rain.

Three:  Back to our Pacific Princess (ship name) cruise from Venice to Athens via the Black Sea posting.  Today will be pictures of onboard and of our visit to Split, Croatia.

This would not be our first visit to Croatia as Karen, KP, Mrs. Jim, and I went to Dubrovnik (Croatia) last December (link to those posts). 

Old town Split was somewhat similar to Old Town Dubrovnik although Dubrovnik has been much more repaired after the Bosnian War.  Dubrovnik is also very much prettier than Split.

It is time for some more on board pictures.  Every time Karen and KP returned to their cabin they were greeted by two balloons and a sign given to them by Princess.  KP's birthday was July 16 and Karen's was July 19.

Below is my first breakfast, the exercise facility, and the golf driving range.  You can click on them to make them large size.  Please note that I did not gain weight on this cruise.  I ate sensibly and consumed a lot of seafood while doing that.


Four:  We walked around the old town, sort of lost as to what was what and what was worthy of knowing what it was.  The picture in the middle below was a cistern which supplied water to the town.


The center picture above was a large sidewalk cafe.  They sold ice cream for which KP was very happy.  She had ice cream or gelato at every excursion stop we made.  Lucky girl.

Five:  After ice cream we walked down to our ship.  Walking under the palms and down the promenade was much more pleasant than going up and over through the old town.
On the way I stopped to check on what might have been a motor scooter ride around the town and out into the country a little.  An afternoon was 200 of their kind of dollars, about $32 or so in U.S. money. 
My Texas driving license was valid there but only for a small size scooter and not a motorcycle.  For that they required an International License.  I've had several of those but had no need for one this time. 
Next was on board, with a final look at the town.  Then we were literally sailing off into the setting sun.
Our next stop would be two days at sea before having two days in Istanbul, Turkey.  I hope to blog of this next week or earlier in another post.  Stay tuned.


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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Succinctly Yours

Two boys. The smaller had the advantage of having luminous shoes. That didn't stop the older from trying to emulate little brother's antics.

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