Saturday, September 21, 2013

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words
The sign tells, "Autumn is here"

Our cooling weather comes soon after





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We're just coming out of winter and I couldn't be happier
Your post made me smile :)
Wish you a lovely Autumn!!
Love it Jim!
Can't wait!
Yes Halloween is just around the corner.

Have a terrific day. :)
happy almost halloween!

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I'm a proper killjoy and thoroughly dislike Halloween, Jim :( I usually try to be in the Algarve then- it's not really celebrated AND I get an extra hour of holiday when the clocks change.
This is cute! My neighbors seemed to have started putting out Halloween decorations the day after Labor Day.
I LOVE WHEN IT IS FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotcha. You weren't here when I looked in earlier. Nice thoughts.
this is terrific! Have a great Autumn....enjoy!
Happy Autumn! I love the pitch forks! I need one of those to go with my Pan Goat God Devil horns!
Yup fall is here! Right after our first cold front too! The official start to fall isn't until 3:44 pm, according to NOAA. I can't believe it's already almost Halloween. Be careful with those pitch forks!
: )
Actually ten days ago I could say yes Jim, but lately you have what we call " l'été indien" a summer in september in Chambéry which is a good surprise for me. But this was last week, tomorrow is another day.

I had a pleasant moment here, thanks for making me travelling, my best to Mrs Jim.

I love Autumn but not the winter that follows.
The colours of autumn are very beautiful, Dr Jim :)

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