Saturday, February 22, 2014

What's the cheapest car to own?- MSN Money

What's the cheapest car to own?- MSN Money

Six Word Saturday

my Six Words (4):

forty-nine inch legged young lady

ZZ Top recording "She's got legs"**

These two have what in common?

They are both from Houston, Texas

The young lady is 6 feet 4.  Her 49 inch legs, from thigh to toe, may set a world record.  For sure for Houston they did and probably are a record in Texas also.  Things are bigger in Texas. 

For sure too she would intimidate me if we were alone in an elevator.  Ladies taller than I am worry me.
At the right above is Mrs. Jim's simple table setting.  The white bowls are for her homemade chicken with cheese tortellini and spinach soup.  It was really good.  The eight of us, assembled at our home for a night of Texas 42, played with dominoes, left just a couple of bowls, perfect for us two for lunch left overs.  She is still in her boot, but now she can use it for a walking boot.  It comes off Friday the 28th.

bonus Six Words:

What brand was
your first cigarette?

Mine was Chesterfield regular length.  This 1962 ad was for the king size but they hadn't been invented back when I was someplace between the seventh grade and a freshman in high school.

I "found" a whole pack and smoked all but two of them.  Sister, Lois (link), and I went down to the creek to play and to smoke.  She had two but they made her sick.  She has never smoked since.

The ad was in the December 1962 issue of Popular Science Magazine on the Inside Front Cover page.

I smoked in earnest when was in the 10 grade.  By then Herbert Tarrington's were out, king size so that was what I smoked.  Finally in the early 1980's I stopped smoking.  By then I was smoking a pipe until my lip had a permanent sore.  So I switched to chewing tobacco and dipping snuff.  Those fixed my nicotine desire but were nasty.  Because they were nasty I stopped using tobacco at all.

You can see any picture here in larger size by clicking on it.  Click again for larger still.  You may need to do that to read the long legged article in this week's Wednesday's Houston Chronicle, Star section, page 1.

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ZZ Top song, first verse:

She's got legs, she knows how to use them.
She never begs, she knows how to choose them.
She's holdin' leg wonderin' how to feel them.
Would you get behind them if you could only find them?
She's my baby, she's my baby,
yeah, it's alright.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Succinctly Yours

You!  You call me a jabber box, yet look at you. 

I'm sealing your mouth with purple paint, right now!

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