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Mothers Day reminders ~~ Friday’s Hunt v1.20 -- "T" is for ...

The Friday Hunt, week of May 13th: 
 (1) Starts with "T"; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Evening

(1) Starts with "T": Tasty.  Today it's tasty homemade meat loaf.

After reading this article in the H O U S T O N ... C H R O N I C L E .food section we talked a little about Meat Loaf and its making.  Mrs. Jim said it is hard to make a consistent meat loaf, time after time. She would like a good recipe, one that she likes.  So we will try this one. 

Do you remember eating at those old cafeterias owned and operated by a local entrepreneur?  Not the ones most common now, chains and/or franchise enterprises. Cleburne recently closed their doors after opening in 1975.  They will be missed, even so they have shared three of their favorite recipes with the public.  Our paper ran them in the May 4th edition, food section.
I mentioned that my mom made the best meat loaf that I have ever tasted.  Mrs. Jim agreed that it was super delicious.  We don't have her recipe though.  This was so close to Mothers Day that I was reminded of a lot of things about Mom.  She died in 1999 at age 88.
(2) Week's Favorites:
The Ginger Plants are in bloom at our former residence.  

For summer this pink blossom, a little yellow flower I missed getting for this picture, and these tender leaves will be gone. 

They will be replaced by new growth with solid green leaves, some being over six feet tall/long.

The house there has not yet sold.
This is our Mothers Day Photo, taken an the church foyer, before the service.    We went to a nice little Chinese restaurant after church.  Both of took home a doggy bag and we made another meal from these leftovers.  Mrs. Jim had Chicken Moo Guy Pan I had Vegetable and Chicken Chow Mein. 
Both the Church and the restaurant are within walking distance of our home, about 1.2 miles.
(3) Evening:

Sunday Evening Church Service ~ ~ ~ ~ Sunday Morning

We are members of Second Baptist Church of Houston.  There are six Campuses, ours, the 1463 Campus (we are located on Hwy 1463, Fullshear, Texas, with a mailing address of Katy, Texas) is our church. 
Sunday evening services have an average attendance of around 100 and we begin the service with The Lord's Supper (communion) before the focal song and the sermon.  In the evening we have a singing group and a small instrument section. 
Morning service has over a thousand in attendance with a choir and an orchestra.  We have Communion quarterly.  Attendance was over 5000 total in the three services for Easter.  We do baptize every Sunday after the service.  Mrs. Jim and I help with that.
This Sunday we will observe this campus' first anniversary.  We will have hot dogs and cupcakes furnished.  There will also be food trucks where full meals will be available.   The theme is PATRIOTIC as we are in the middle of Primary Election Runoff.  Our church DOES NOT endorse candidates.
Cleburne Cafeteria's Baked Squash Casserole Recipe (Link)
Cleburne Cafeteria's Meatloaf Recipe (Link)
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The Fine Print:
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- The Mr. Linky address here has a list of others who are participating if you would to read what these folk are doing for the Friday post.

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