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Merry Christmas !!! ~~ Friday’s Hunt v.4.25 -- "Y" is for ...

Merry Christmas !!!
Friday's Hunt for the week of December 22nd
1. Starts with Y; 2. tree; and 3. shadows

1. Starts with "Y":  Yellow starts with "Y", it always does.  And generally I choose some of the Yellow cars that I have found during the last six months or more ago. 

This time I found a Yellow Crop Dusting Airplane Picture.  It was in a book at our World Market store.  I always wanted to ride with a Crop Duster but never had a real chance.  I suppose if I asked Cliff (Cliff Morrow's Blog--now silent in favor of Facebook) he would arrange that, or perhaps even fly me in his brothers plane. 

Cliff's parents and my parents were friends even before ELECTRONICS and SOCIAL MEDIA  were words.  Also, Mrs. Jim flew a similar maneuvering ride in here a Yellow T3 Warbird Trainer plane (picture) over the beach at Galveston (Texas).  She rode with the cockpit open and her job was to deploy the landing gear.  Warbirds for you.

I did find a couple of other Yellow pictures that were in competition for this season of Yellow:

[Train full of fruit at our Sprouts Grocery Store - - - Former 'Family/handicap" RR on Princess ships]

2. Tree: The large trees at the Model Railroad Exhibition at the main campus of our church.  That's the Second Baptist Church of Houston, Woodway Campus.  Ours 34 miles away is the 1463 Campus, located on Texas Hwy 1463 at Katy and Fulshear, Texas. 

Note two girls in these pictures, KP is the youngster at the very bottom of the picture on the left.  On the right this girl is hugging one of the Nutcrackers. 


3. Shadows: These are NYC traffic shots, getting over to Brooklyn.  We were in a van.  I hadn't noticed the car shadows until I started looking for some today.  Yellow vehicles too.  I'm glad our trees aren't going yellow.

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The Fine Print:

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..........Now for more of the LagniappeYellow could also be this corn tortilla taco which uses some of our surplus of frozen clams.  "Y" also for Yummy !!!
....................................................................  4.  4. 4. 4. A bit of Lagniappe: I hope that you like this feature.  Another hint, the running picture concerns my recently married great-granddaughter, who has announced that next year Mrs. Jim and I will become great-great-grandparents

Or "Y" could be for Yummy-not in this not-delicious looking stuff, formally known to the kids as 'slime'. Mrs. Jim and KP made this slime yesterday using the common liquid starch and glue and water (1/2 cup each) and food dye and sparkles recipe. 
If you try to make it, add the liquid starch after mixing the water and glue.  And dump into a clean bowl when it's finished.

[click on any picture for a larger view--"Back" button will you return you to here]
Cliff Morrow also had this on his YouTube: 

David Phelps - Official Video for 'O Holy Night [Live]',…(

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