Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 08-18 (for letter "H")

The 8th issue of my Weekend Roundup for this year...
1. Starts with "H";  2. A Favorite; and 3. House.

1. Starts with "H":  "Hello" starts with the letter "H".  KP painted this picture for me, of a frowning person named "Troubled".  I pasted this smiling person shouting a greeting, "Hello, Hello," which is a MacDonald's sticker found in KP's Happy Meal.

2. A Favorite: We ate lunch today at Dozier's in Fulshear, Texas.  Friday's are our FAVORITE DAY because their special on that day is a BOGO BBQ beef sandwich.

3.a. House:  This (and at the top here) is a picture of the House I was born in.  A tree had fallen on the roof of the screen and storm windowed in the front porch where I had slept, starting at about the age of six. 

Before that I had the second bedroom of the two-bedroom house, but after my sister was about one she was given that room and from then until I left home I slept out there.  It wasn't heated and in the winter frost would develop on my blanket (this was in the hills of Eastern Nebraska).

In December of 2007 my Sister Lois and I had the farm sold (link).  At the age of 97 Dad died early in 2007, Mom had died in 1999.  The weather had turned snowy and bad but the farmers turned out nicely anyway to attend the auction. 
(Link, Lois pictures)(Link, Lois on my blog) 

The buyer owned three neighboring farms so he bought this one for his youngest son.  They have since bulldozed the house down and most all of the other surrounding farmyard structures.  No one had lived there since Mom and Dad had moved to town in the early 90's.

3.b. A Lagniappe for you:  An automobile logo emblem for the Hyundia car.
"The Hyundai “H” represents the name, but it’s encased in an oval to reflect the perpetuity that Hyundai pursues internationally. The “H” itself is designed to symbolize two people shaking hands (how friendly!)." from Gear Patrol web pages of auto emblems. 
"The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea." Wikipedia. I am most familiar with the Sonata and Elantra models.
 I didn't explore their site very much, it is new to me.  They only have the cars you'd see driving around in this section.  I didn't see any antiques and discontinued cars.  You might check out some of my earlier posts for that.

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