Friday, August 31, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 09-18(b) (for letter "I") -- Reflections too

The 35th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "I"; (2) A Favorite; and (3) Inside  
(4) Picture on the bottom is for "Reflections"

(1) Starts with "I":  Island starts with "I".  We used this Island as a prop in our VBS (Vacation Bible School at our Church) group this summer.  We had third grade kids, 19 of them in our class.  The class numbers went from "A" to "J" so there must have been about 200 3rd grade children total.

Our story was the story of David, who rose from a shepherd of sheep to the King of Israel.  As king, he was "Captain of his ship" for sure.  The theme used a series of stories of David as he ruled his country. 

The side story series was of a Captain of his ship having the problems a captain might need to overcome.  David had similar but in a more serious vein type problems. (And the ship story the Island was a temporary haven.  One of our adult class members made this Island, Thank You John.)

(2) A Favorite:  Looking through my recent pictures for a favorite I found this nice picture I had taken of a recent comic strip. 
I'll tell the them of the story here:  The dog loved to ride, he ranted on how happy he was to get out with the traffic.  In the last frame his care giver tells him that they haven't moved for hours because they were stuck in a traffic jam.  That didn't phase the dog, he just liked to be in the car having an activity.
If you can't read that explanation and want it, try highlighting the blank area above.

Another Favorite:  At the right is a picture of Mrs. Jim and me in costume for a party way back in the early 2000's.  No, it isn't near recent but I just found it again this week.  Recent.

The party costume is homemade, Mrs. Jim's creation: black sweats wearing white stockings over our heads; and a lamp shades for the hats; finally Lamp pulls hanging on our noses.  Got to turn on the lights somehow.

BTW, our daughter Karin liked the shades and asked for them.  She still uses them on a buffet in her breakfast room.  Pottery Barn stocks a lot of nice shades, we got these there.

(3) Inside:   Ever cut a corn dog open and look Inside?  Above is what it looks like.  Our nine-year-old granddaughter, KP, likes them this way.  Except she uses ketchup and not mustard. 

So that gives it away, I sometimes eat them this way as well.

(4) Reflections:  Self explanatory, this is the front mounted camera on the Cruise Ship, Royal Princes.  You can see all the Princess ships' cameras views here. 

The link should open with Pacific Princess as that is our favorite Princes ship.  We took it from NYC to Iceland on to England and again on another cruise over into the Black Sea to the Ukraine.  Those and the cruise from Los Angeles down to the Antarctic and back up to Rio de Janeiro (on another Princess ship) Brazil. 

- - - - -        The end, that's all for tonight
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