Friday, September 07, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 10-18(b) (for letter "J") -- Reflections too

The 35th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "J"; (2) A Favorite; and (3) Juice or Juicy   

(4) Picture on the bottom is for "Reflections"

(1) Starts with "J":  Jewels start with "J".  These large gems were hanging in a display window at the Methodist Hospital Houston, the downtown one, in the annex for out patient surgery, etc.  It is across the street from the main hospital. 

There are several windows with the hanging ornaments in the annex for viewing as one walks from here to there.  BTW, 'there' ends at a very nice food court.  We like the Louisiana Muffaletta place, almost as good as New Orleans.  Oh yes, seniors and Handicapped will be offered a ride in a golf cart.  Everything in Houston is BIG!!
(2) A Favorite:  No, this is not Junk.  Mrs. Jim is finishing the job of going through all her mother's pictures.  The upstairs game room turned out to be just right for that job.  [click on picture to enlarge]

(3) Juice or Juicy: Time for Juicy BBQ'ing Steaks.  Note the calendar is one from 1962, BZC (Before Zip Codes).  I've been using it since January.  For 2019 you can also use 2013 or 2002.  And from the 1900's use 63, 74, 85, or 91.  More before and after 2019 here:

(4) "Reflections":  From my walk to the mail box.  The path at the top leads to our Granddaughter's, KP, home and school.  She walks to school or else one of us or her parents take her.  They live too close to the school to ride the bus. Texas says kids can walk two miles or less (up hill and down hill rain, snow, or sun).

- - - - -        The end, that's all for tonight
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 - I am also linked this week with Weekend Reflections, for my Reflections Photo.  - Photo and Poem Copyright, © Jimmiehov 2018, All Rights Reserved
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