Friday, October 26, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 17-18(b) (for letter "Q") -- Reflections too

The 43rd issue of Weekend Roundup for this year..
The week's prompts:
(1) Starts with "Q"; (2) A Favorite; (3) Quantity; and (4) Reflections

(1) Starts with "Q":  Quacker starts with "Q". On my way to the library Tuesday I was encountered by a sidewall fairly well covered with yellow Animal Quackers.  Had to get off the walk or else Quack along if I went along stepping on and squashing these Quackers.

[Note the Reflections in the library window.  And the clear
place for the ducks to use the glass as a grooming mirror.]

But it didn't take long to notice these two pretty black and white Quackers sitting on the grass, barely waking from their nap as I passed. For sure they were not up to Quacking but seemed instead ready to resume their naps.  I'm sure someone dumped the Quakers for the ducks.

Mrs. Jim standing on the balcony of our first B&B in Quebec City
[Please notice all of the windows and balconies in a row.]
(2) A Favorite:  Quebec City is my favorite town in Canada.  In 2012 we flew to Quebec City and stayed four nights in two different B&B's.  The first was in Old Quebec City, this part of town even had an old wall.  Above, Mrs. Jim is standing looking over the rooftops from our balcony.  For my main post on that visit, click here.  If you want to read it leisurely another day that is fine, just book mark it.

(3) Quantity: Mrs. Jim is taking less and less, in Quantity, of Norco pills, an opioid, for pain caused by her foot surgery, a bunionectomy.  Instead now after a week, during the day she is now taking Tylenol if anything.

(4) Reflections:  This is the out the window of the our cardiologist's patient examining room.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  The areas where the sun came into the room showed reflections the best.  Oh yes, our doctor's office is on the 27th floor of the St. Luke's Tower which is across the street from the Houston Medical Center. 
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