Friday, December 28, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 26 -18(b) (for letter "Z") and Reflection(s) too

The 52nd issue of Weekend Roundup for this year..:
A Word with a "Z";
A Favorite;
"ZZZ" as in sleepy; and

(Picture to the right is of a Zippy Fairy riding down from the furniture top on a Zip Line.)

(click picture for a larger size) ....

(1.a) A Word with a "Z": Breeze has a "Z" in it. Here we were docked at Ushuaia down at the bottom of the world (Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina) (Link), just above Antarctica. The wind was blowing hard, the breezes were so bad that we could not lift anchor until the next morning to sail away.
(note the reflection in the window)

(1.b) A Word with two "Z's": Pizza has two  "Z's".

(1.c) Another Word with a "Z": Mazada has  a "Z", this car also has a dent in the rear. 

(1.d)  Then in our part of Texas, the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain, there's always the mudder who go mudding in the rice fields and bogs.  This Chevy Z-71 is mud from top to bottom. 


(2) A Favorite: I love to find old Zombie Trees along the roadside.  Here my new to me Favorite was at our old haunt, Montgomery. Texas. 

(3) "ZZZ" as in sleepy:  While "the kid", our youngest of the six, was tucked away getting her "Z's" her fairy friend was riding the Zip Line in her dining room.

It just so happened that the mechanism got stuck and she had to spend the rest of her morning waiting for help. That was good for me. I could go by and snap a picture of the fairy in dress. 

(4) Reflection(s):  Our Katy Mills Mall, near the North exit.  I can't remember exactly what I was taking, but I was impressed with the reflections in the many windows involved.  Everything, including the floor seemed to reflect something it was seeing.
(Also note the reflection in the window of our life boat across from my first title, below the first set of South Sea pictures above.)
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