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Weekend Roundup ~~ 05-19 (for letter "E")

The 5th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
the Letter "E". Prompts are:
(A) Starts with "E"; (B) A Favorite; (C) Evening; and (E) Reflection(s).

(A) Starts with "E":  "Egg" starts with "E".

(B) A Favorite:  McDonald's "Egg McMuffin" sandwich.   My favorite and if you go online to MacD's they will have an online "Survey" that gives you a magic number to write on your receipt.  This enables you to a BOGO (Buy One Get One) Free Egg McMuffin.  I always have one of these coupon recipts in my billfold.  We have five McDonald's Restaurants within five (5) miles of our home.  Closest is almost one mile.

Notice the fry-brown marks on the sides of the muffin.  They are fried making them a little tough and brittle at the fry marks.  I broke a tooth on one.  But in England, London for sure, English Muffins on your Egg McMuffin are very tender and yummy.  Like REAL MUFFINS should be.  Here the only way to make them yummy is to put MacDonald's Strawberry Jam on them.  You must ask for that. 

(Ketchup is for the ham and the egg and cheese.  I eat them with a knife and fork.  The top half of the muffin I put Strawberry on it and have it with my coffee.) 

(C) Evening:  Every "Evening" Mom would clean and sort her eggs that the hens had laid during the day and the night before.

This "Egg Scale" would tell her if the egg was small, medium, large, or extra large.   BTW, a 'large' egg weighs approximately two (2) ounces.   A dozen 'large' eggs being sold must weigh at least 24 ounces. 

Try weighing your selected dozen at the grocery store.

(D) Some  Lagniappe:  "Electronics" also starts with "E".  I was introduced to Ham Radio in college, the University of Nebraska had a 'school station and call letters,' and one of my rides to school from home was a Radio Ham.

I learned electronics in the Army with a 43 week course, "Nike Hercules Fire Control System Maintenance."  I graduated 3rd in my class, two Warrant Officers were ahead of me.  I was not trying for any honors.  That and a "B" from a Transistor Physics extension class from the University of Texas convinced me that even though a college drop out (University of Nebraska, three semesters), that I was not so "stupid" after all.

In the Fall of 1960 or early Spring 1961 I passed my Novice Amateur Radio Operator license and became a Ham Radio Operator.  My call then was KN5GYM.  I have been licensed ever since, now holding an Extra Class, the top level, license.

Pictured above is my key to reading the old Popular Electronics magazines.  Issues are available from October, 1954 until April 1985.  After that it continued until January 2003 with a couple of different names and also included computers. 

The fine print on the left on my picture said, to begin, "Popular Electronics was created in 1954 by Ziff-Davis Publishing for an audience of electronics hobbyists and experimenters. It became the "World's Largest-Selling Electronics Magazine". The circulation was 240,000 by 1957 and exceeded 400,000 by 1960 ..." Also included in your search will be made available free copies of the Electronic Experimenter's Handbook from 1960 through 1984.

(5) Reflection (s): KP and Mrs. Jim made Slime last week.  It is very simple to make, slime gets real sticky, and in general makes a mess for the old folk to help clean up.  My Reflection is in the bag, showing the glue and ingredients reflections.

. . . .

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