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Weekend Letter "F" (Feet, Flowers, Fords, Followed, Free Cat ...)

The 5th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
the Letter "F". Prompts are:
(A) Starts with "F"; (B) A Favorite; (C) Free; and (D) Reflection(s).

(A) Starts with "F": "Foot" starts with "F".  [Then and Now Pictures
My feet have had a great life.  Chronology:
1.  Born with two toes on RIGHT foot Webbed - Doctor told Mom it's okay but he would cut them apart if she wished
2.  Broken metatarsal in LEFT foot during hazing in college, Pershing Rifles fraternity, University of Nebraska, due to "March Foot." 
3.  Army was drafting men with TWO flat feet  
4.  1980 -- Walked all over the Holly Land, Athens, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and some Mediterranean Islands
5.  Dropped a brick on LEFT large big toe, lost nail but it grew back 
6.  ________ (cannot remember the incident but my Podiatrist said he would rebuild my LEFT foot if I wanted it done. (Don't mess with my feet)
7.  2010 -- Neighbor ran over my right foot -- I hollered and she stopped on top of it.
 - They win the "Ugly Feet" contests that I run here.  I'd have another if enough people want to enter theirs. 
 - They have walked in all 50 States and on Six Continents.
 - They rebel at walking bare footed.
 - Younger daughter Karen and I made a pact, "Our feet will always smell like strawberries no matter what."

(B) A Favorite:  This is another of my Toys, a 1937 Ford Deluxe Two Door Convertible cast iron 1:18 scale model. 

My school car would have been a 1937 Ford, Tudor model.  It was very pretty, previlouslyi owned by a LOL (Little Old Lady) and had very low mileage.  But Dad decided that with the mechanical brakes, Ford had not yet adopted hydrolic brakes, the car would not be safe for me. (note: the Ford on the right is a 1936)

So Dad trading my car in bought himself a new Ford pickup and I drove it to school for my last two years.  Previously I had ridden a horse to a country two-room high school three miles from our house.

Favorite Flowers also starts with "F".  These are winter flowers in front of our house.  Notice the grass has stayed green this winter also.  Kind of scraggly but green.  For some reasons we like a part of global warming.

(C) Free:  This one, Free Cat Food Coupon, came in the Mail a couple of days ago.  We will use it and give the food to our neighbor.  No the Cat isn't free, you can have anything at Alice's Restaurant except Alice.

  "Free" pets don't stay Free long.  My advice.  This is Adi, our Beagle dog, in her retirement photo (read about it here).  Adi and I and Mrs. Jim were Pet Therapy Dog Teams.  Adi retired in 2012 and died in 2013.  She was the nicest dog ever and we were buddy buddies. 

(Adi came free to us, Karen paid about $250 for her as a registered Beagle but before a year she could no longer have a Beagle dog in her apartment.  Dogs yes, but not a Beagle because some of them Howl.  Discrimination!!!) 
(D) Reflection(s):  "Followed"
"Followed" by Motor Cycle Gang
(Rear View Mirror Reflection)
Click here to see better
and if your pointer has a "+"
in a circle, click the picture again
to see Super Size
  . . . .

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