Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adi's Retirement — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:
Adi is retiring from Pet Partners

Adi's working life link
Lot's about Adi link
Dear Jim,

Thank you for notifying us. We will be sure to honor Adi's past contribution to our Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program in our Interactions Magazine, and "Pet Partners, Retired" on our web page.

Warm Regards,
Kelly Schnitzmeier

-----Original Message-----
From: (Jim and Mrs. Jim) 
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 6:56 PM
To: Info (Pet Partners Headquarters)
Subject: Retirement Information Request

To whom it might concern:

My dog and I will not be renewing our certification this year.

Adi, the dog, is now 16 years old and has two major problems which make it hard for her to visit. First, she is VERY hard of hearing. Second, she has severe arthritis in her back legs.

I would like to have her classified as being retired if that is possible for us.

Dog: Adi
Breed: Tri-color Beagle, a female
Age: 16

Co-team member: James Hov... (me)
ID #: 51...

When we first started my wife, (Mrs. Jim) was also certified with Adi. Due to her having many other volunteer responsibilities she was unable to continue with Pet Partners. She was active though, while a member. Mostly she and Adi tutored reading students who needed help.

Wife, former co-team member:  (Mrs. Jim -- ID # 51...)

- - -

Additionally, I do thank you for the certificate you sent of in appreciation of our work together, Adi and me. It was for nine years of service. Thank you very much.


 - - - - - -
The Start of Adi's meme: (written March 6, 2008)
Hi, my name is Adi. I am a tri color beagle with purebred lines. I am eleven, in dog years that would be about seventy-seven. My birthday is September 1, 1996. My full name given to me by Karen is Adi Jane H(xxxxxxx). [large picture] [super size]
Adi's meme continued, click here.
- - - - - -
From Google:
..Therapy Animal Program - Pet Partners

Delta Society's Pet Partners program trains volunteers and screens volunteers and their pets for visiting animal programs in hospitals, nursing homes, ...
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Hi Jim. The type is so small, I couldn't read it. Sorry.
Really, Tilly, I'm surprised at you: use your mouse to increase the page size with the little thingy at the bottom.

Thank you Jim for disabling catchpa. Makes life a lot easier, and gives more time for reading lots of links.
Does Adi get a gold watch?He deserves one.
I didn't know Adi was this old. They are so precious that's for sure.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to Adi. :)
I worked for years on an Alzheimer's unit and loved to see the eyes light up on seeing a dog! Like a miracle - there was still someone in there.......Looks like Adhi earned her down time.....
Hats off to Adi. I hope she's accorded the homors due her wherever she goes for the rest of her days.
Aww Adi has done well,I hope she enjoys a really happy retirement :-)
WOW! Adi is sixteen??? That in and of itself is amazing... I hope she enjoys her retirement.....She certainly deserves it having put in so many long hours of service...
Oh bless her- she looks the way I feel. I remember young, too.
May Adi have a great retirement, she has gave a great gift to so many I pray for her to have some pain relief, does she take the doggie aspirin?
Have a great Saturday :]
Wat a lovely tribute to Adi! I can so relate to her issues... my hearing is also very bad, my back is out of whack, and the rest of me doesn't move so well either! :-) I love programs that bring pets to people who can't have one, we've seen time and time again the wonderful responses it can bring. Hats off to Adi, you and Mrs. Jim for spreading the gospel of love and caring! Adi is blessed to have such a wonderful home for her senior years!
Happy retirement to Adi; it seems she has earned some time for herself.
Well done, Adi; a well deserved rest!
Such great work!! Congratulations to both Adi and yourself! Both of you so deserve more than a certificate.
Need A Fairy Godmother
what a wonderful tribute to such a fine dog.
oh and I forgot to say that I sure appreciate your nice comments on my blog-to answer your question- it is a big boulder-but I can see why you thought it might be a shoulder.
Adi looks so very very cute. Sorry my comments have been naught - I have had internet issues! Thanks and I think I am back. sandie

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