Friday, March 22, 2019

Weekend Roundup with "L"; Little, Long, and Last

The 12th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
 - the Letter "L" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with "L"; (B) A Favorite; (C) Long; and (D) Reflection(s).


(A) Starts with "L": Little Boys starts with "L".  What does this picture remind you of?  Need a hint?  Think STATUE.  Read about it here or view a ScreenPrint copy (that I made from the previous link) here.

(B) A Favorite, (also Long) today:   This is KP, our youngest (of four) granddaughters.  She has just finished making a batch of SLIME at our house and was checking it out.  I was FINE, really stretching LONG.

(C) Long: This is the U.S. Highway 90 Long Bridge over the Achaffalia (flood) Resevoir coming from Baton Rouge.  Last week I posted from a McDonald's there.  The bridge is miles and miles long, there is a modern bridge south a few miles on Interstate 10. 

A Link to Louisiana's Long Bridges, click here.  Note, I traveled this bridge when I came to Texas to stay (from prior living in New Hampshire, via El Paso and Nebraska first).

This is my second Louisiana picture today, it is what we see after leaving the U.S. Hwy 90 Long Bridge, a Long stretch of Oak Trees.

(D) Reflection(s): I took this nice Reflection picture Last Saturday morning. I had just purchased a dozen donut holes for KP (youngest grandchild) and was parked in front of the Kolache place. I know, last week's Friday word needed to start with the Kolache "K".

(E) Last:  Just for viewing, this picture was taken of Calcasieu Lake south of Lake Charles, Louisiana.   We took a little side trip (link, we followed State Highway 27) going around Lake Charles, along the Louisiana Gulf of Mexico shores, up through Cameron and back to the I-10 Highway.

The lake was full, on level with our road after a big rain bringing some flooding. [click on picture for larger viewing]

We did stop at Cameron for a very nice Shrimp Poboy sandwich.  It was about the best I've had, ever.  It had over a dozen nice sized shrimp.  I've eaten half of it.

We bought it here.  Seating was ground level in the Little building, pictured in the forefront but we ate in our car.  We ordered and they cooked in an elevated room in the darkened area behind.  The steps you see at the left lead to this comes-in-handy restroom.  Grading the restroom, I would be generous and give it a seven out of ten.
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The fine print:
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- I am also linked this week with James at Weekend Reflections, for my Reflections Photo.
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