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The Letter "P" ~~ Rev 04 - Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The 42th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
- the Letter "P" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "P"; (B) A Favorite;
(C) "P" for '"Pattern' (Tom's choice); and (D) Reflections 

(A) Starts with the Letter "P":   Pumpkin starts with "P".   These Pumkins are all ceramic or other pottery pieces.  

Also please note the Reflections in the Kroger store window.  [Designated Reflection is item (D) below.]

(B) A Favorite:  Here I have Pickup Trucks hauling Pumpkins.  You can decide where they are going with their loads of Pumpkins.

(C) "P" for 'Pattern' (Tom's choice):  This is our younger daughter's Pantry.  It is about the neatest Pantry I have seen in some time.  Even the shelf Paper has a Pattern rather than the regular smooth stuff.

[large picture window -- click on picture once or twice for larger still views]

(D) Reflections:  Mrs. Jim told me that there is a large Piano in the house on the right's living room. 

Of course I could not look in there while I was driving.  But Mrs. Jim had seen it from going by here before.

The Reflections are strong and make it hard to see into the house.  I recomend clicking on the Picture once or twice to see better inside.  
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you'd like):

1. Will you be buying a pumpkin for Halloween?  If not, why not?   
No.  We have two ceramic Pumpkins and a plastic Jack-o-lantern from years and years ago.  

2.   What is the condition of your pantry?  Ours is almost a total wreck.  

Bonus Questions:
1. What is your favorite "Pword?  "Piano" is my favorite "P" word because i love piano music played.   Although I took "Class Piano" twice while I was getting it for free while I taught at the college I never went on to take private lessons.  "Bill Grogan's Goat" was my favorite song to play.  "The Piano Man" is my favorite song played and sung.  BTW, in music when a tune is to be done softly the directive is "Piano" or "p" or "pp".

2. What are your thoughts about PumpkinsThey are my favorite thing about Halloween.   Next comes it being my favorite vegetable when served as Pumpkin Pie.
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